YL Cup- Inter College Futsal Tournament

With the motive of empowering youths through sports we are organizing YL Cup – Inter College Futsal Tournament which will include sixteen to twenty girls and boys teams from different colleges.

According to the report, staying active and participating in physical activity help young people to have better mental health, higher self-image and confidence levels, improved teamwork and communication skills, increased graduation rates, and leadership skills that can lead to achievement opportunities in colleges and at work. It also helps to enhance punctuality, patient, discipline, teamwork, compatibility and dedication. It is generally seen that a person involved in sports activity from the very young age, develops very clear and strong character as well as good health.

Sport has huge potential to empower women and girls. In many countries, it has been recognized that sport can be a force to amplify youth’s voices and tear down gender barriers and discrimination.Women in sport defy the misconception that they are weak or incapable. Every time they clear a hurdle or kick a ball, demonstrating not only physical strength, but also leadership and strategic thinking, they take a step towards gender equality. Through a well-designed sport program, a girl can gain assets, access and agency.

The tournament will be a 1 day event. The Teams will be divided into 4 groups. The tournament will commence from group stage and progress to Quarter Finals, Semi-finals and Final.

TOURNAMENT DATE: 12th Magh,2075 (26th January, 2019)
VENUE:Samakhusi Futsal, Samakhusi
REGISTRATION DEADLINE: 1stMagh, 2075(15th January, 2019)
REGISTRATION CONTRIBUTION: NRs 5000/- per team. NRs 9000 for two teams. Each college can have up to 2 boys’ teams and 2 girls’ teams.


  1. Refreshment to participating team players and the Coach
    • Lunch Box
    • Drinking Water and Juice
    • Glucose
  2. First Aid – (Medical Team with nurses are available in the venue for minor injuries)
  3. Token of Love to all the participating colleges

1st Prize: Winning Shield, Winning Medals
2nd Prize: Runner-Up Shield, Runner-Up Medals
Highest Goal Scorer Award
Best Player Award (Will be decided by Referee and the organizing committee)

Tournament Format

League Round

  • Each team within the same group will play against each other
  • Group Winner and Runner-Up will qualify for the Quarter Final

Quarter Final

  • Winner of Group A will play against Runner-Up of Group C -> Q1
  • Runner-Up of Group A will play against Winner of Group C -> Q2
  • Winner of Group B will play against Runner-Up of Group D -> Q3
  • Runner-Up of Group B will play against Winner of Group D -> Q4
  • Winner from each game, Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4 will qualify for the Semi Final

Semi Final

  • Q1 will play against Q4 -> S1
  • Q2 will play against Q3 -> S2
  • Winner from each game S1 and S2 will qualify for the Final


  • S1 and S2 will vie for the title

Match Duration:
For Girls’ Team:5 minutes for each half with 2 minutes break in between
For Boys’ Team: 8 minutes for each half with 2 minutes break in between

Rules & Regulations:

  1. Each team must have 7 players (5 on field and 2 substitutes).
  2. Game duration for matches will be 5 minutes for each half with 2 minutes break.
  3. All participating teams must report inside the venue 45 minutes prior to their respective games.
  4. Walk over will be given to the opponent team if any team fails to report before the given time period.
  5. Team which will give walk over will get 0 points and they will concede 3 goals, the opponent team will be awarded by 3 points and benefit by 3 goals.
  6. Shorts will be compulsory while playing the game.
  7. The organizers will not be held in case of any unfortunate or unforeseen circumstance like injury to player, loss of goods etc.
  8. The organizers reserve the right to dismiss any player or team in case of gross misconduct that amounts to gross misconduct falls under the evaluation and decision of organizers.

Eligibility for participation:

  • Team Members should be officially related to the participating college and should be able to provide a valid Identity Card (ID) of the college.
  • College should be legally registered

*Failing to provide the eligibility requirements will result in No-Qualification or Disqualification.

To register your team please find the contact details below:

Poshan Gyawali
Event Coordinator

Email: events@ylnepal.com

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