YL CUP Corporate and Non-Profit Men’s Futsal Tournament, 2019

With the motive of bringing the corporate sector and Non-profits together with the help of sports, Youth Legend is organizing YL CUP- Corporate and Non-profits Men’s Futsal Tournament 2019. The two days event will take place on 23rd February (11th Falgun) and 2nd March (18th Falgun).

The event coordinator of the two days event, Poshan Gyawali, says, “We are trying to bring together the corporate world and non-profits together through a medium of sports.” He further adds. “Reports show that, staying active and participating in physical activity help people to have better mental health, higher self-image and confidence levels, improved teamwork and communication skills, increased graduation rates, and leadership skills that can lead to achievement opportunities at work, which is why we are organizing this tournament to encourage working professionals in playing sports.”

The Teams, for this one-day tournament, will be divided into 4 groups. The tournament will commence from group stage and progress to Quarter Finals, Semi-finals and Final. The winners and runners-up will be awarded with trophies and medals, while the best player and highest goal scorer will be awarded with a trophy.

Youth Legend is a social enterprise established in May 2014 with the purpose of creating valuable impact in the lives of young people around the world works on 3 core areas – International Exchange, Youth Empowerment and Psychosocial wellbeing.

For more information please contact:
Poshan Gyawali
Event Coordinator
+977 –9816450456 01-6200335
Email: events@ylnepal.com yl.poshangyawali@gmail.com

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