Yenching Social Innovation Forum [Fully Funded]


Deadline: September 18, 2016

Hosted by the Yenching Academy of Peking University, the Yenching Social Innovation Forum aims to provide a platform for young innovators from around the world to develop and share solutions to some of China’s biggest social problems and complexities. It does this through leveraging the talent and resources of Beijing to create an educational environment for young innovators to learn from leaders in the entrepreneurship, policymaking, NGO, and venture capital sectors, among others.
The Yenching Social Innovation Forum will be a three-day event comprised of a series of workshops, site visits, and a competition, all pertaining to the theme of that year. The selected participants will work together in small teams to solve specific issues related to the year’s theme through an innovative project or start-up, which they ultimately will present in a pitch to a panel of experts at the competition.

Between 18 and 29 years old (on November 24, 2016)
English proficiency: moderate or above
Applicants should demonstrate experience developing solutions to education issues through innovation.
Whether you are an educator or an entrepreneur, still studying or already a professional, Yeching Academy is looking for bright minds from around the world who have made a difference in the education sector.

Benefit of the program:
• Understand the nuances of the education gap in the context of 21st-century China
• Share ideas, collaborate, and build networks with a group of internationally and professionally diverse peers
• Attend workshops and receive feedback from leaders in the education, entrepreneurship, NGO, philanthropy, technology, and venture capital sectors in China
• Pitch ideas to a panel of experts, with a chance to win long-term counseling and/or financial support for your social innovation project
• Bring the knowledge, skills, and networks you acquired at the forum back to wherever you are based – China or elsewhere – and be better positioned to make a difference in your own community
On top of all this, you will be provided with round-trip transportation to Beijing, lodging, and meals for the duration of the event.

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