Women’s Life Matters Too, Anwesha Khadka, Winner, Falgun, 2074

Women’s Life Matters Too

People who write they write out their heart not caring for the responses sometimes. When the feelings from within can’t bear to be within they flow through words and find the pen to ink it. Girl, woman, female and so on different languages different names. A female is still considered the feeblest character in the world. When a male is fat dare call him fat they call him chubby or from a lavishing home. When a female is fat you say she is fat and she is ugly. Wow! What a world? Women should hide her face under a shawl. Now don’t tell the world that you care that her skin might get sunburn. Does it mean that men don’t care about their skin? Do tell me now.

What do people say to female, “Don’t walk wearing sleeveless on the streets at night you will get raped? When the clock strikes seven and the days turn into night stay indoors. This is the best way you will be safe, the perfect solution.” What guarantee do those people have that full sleeved clothes can keep the female untouched? Okay so we have changed the way we dress but can you guarantee our safety on the roads? From the second, a woman is on the road her mind is either in chaos or completely blank until she reaches home and gives a sigh of relief. The thought of walking alone on the deserted streets with no street lights and if you happen to see a group or even a single men approaching she will pass out on the ground. Instead of taking videos of women being abused on the road can you dare to save her? Do you want women to have eternal mental disorder? Now you will say that I am explaining women as a feeble character. There you go again. When you are in trouble do you always have full consciousness and act? People think the best solution is keeping women inside home. But we think that the best solution is to keep all the males locked inside home. Why should men have all the freedom?

When a debate was going on in a class a boy said, “Your existence is below ours.” In answer to why he replied,” Fe-male, wo-men, you see your existence is a prefix to ours. If men disappear from the world what would a feeble woman do?” Another added, “They would cry watching tragic movies and melodrama. Foolish ones.” What do you think the reply would have been? A girl replied,” A thought that I read is absolutely correct. A woman is a perfect fool on earth that endures the pain of nine months and gives birth to a fool to tell the world that her identity has a crisis and she is a fool. Yeah women are weak. Yeah women get startled. Yeah, you are so damn right.” The class went silence and a few seconds later the class roared with claps and the boys that spoke went red with guilt.

No, don’t say a woman still hasn’t been able to stand equally because of men only, what about those women who being a woman can’t stand for another woman but add fumes to the flames taking men’s side or use their rights in a nonsense way. How would you still call the society a male dominated society? You can call it emotional or mental cannibalism i.e. where a women dominates women. Does this mean first the thoughts of women should be changed before telling the men about it? Who is the blame to be thumped upon? Doesn’t it feel frustrating to keep watching movies with weak characters of women? If you don’t change your surname then, if you don’t give birth to male child then, if you don’t bring dowry then…Then, then, then you are in deep trouble. Nothing much will happen you will be tortured and possibly if you can’t bear it anymore than either suicide or get killed. The social taboos come like thunderstorm on us and…. It feels even more terrible to write about such things because this is not the first article about state of women and all. Does anyone still have the time to read it and act for it? It’s not that there are no laws that protect the women.
But how will you extract the evilness from the minds. Okay a human has both good and bad side inside of them. Now tell me how will you suppress the bad side. For a second you suppressed the devil but what will you do when the devil gets out and acts louder. Kill one another will be born. Women are human too or do you take her as a doll or puppet that can be tortured and tormented anytime. These days even dolls and puppets are taken good care of. Believe me even women are human. Listen, endurance might be gift to a women but even a punching bag scatters if it has got too much to endure.

A woman is not breakfast, lunch, tiffin or dinner. She will never fulfill your appetite. She isn’t your appetizer, is she? I guess I am going insane with these things in the world. I guess it is too much to ask to live independently and breathe freely. I never wanted to say this but: Please do spare us. Life is said to be a garden of roses. But isn’t receiving only thrones too much. It might seem I’m saying too much but when words run short their echoes must keep echoing. Let’s see when the ears that have turned deaf will repair, blinded eyes will receive sight and mind full of evil will decline absorbing evilness. Let’s not wish but change the thoughts. So, here comes another women day. Don’t ask me anything I hardly have any more expectations left. #Woman’s Day


Question answer with Anwesha

1. Tell us more about you.

I am a high school student at Nasa secondary school who turned 16 this year. Writing is not just a hobby for me it is my passion. Apart from writing dancing to the tunes of music and listening music gives me healing to problems. I am a good listener too.

2. What was your thought when you apply to Wordism competition?

Actually till the application was not sent I felt normal but as soon I clicked on the submit button I felt butterflies in my stomach. It is not that I don’t trust my writing as it is my bestfriend in sorrows and happiness. But still it was kind of mixed feeling.

3. What are your dreams and aspiration?

My dream is to work with INGO that actually work for the people of the world. Although all I could think as a child was to become a doctor but I learnt that priorities change when we start growing up. I also want to keep on writing and try advocay.

4. How do you feel being the Wordism Hero of Falgun?

The feeling of being Wordism Hero is actually unexpressable. The happiness you get by getting certified for the thing that gives you a soul it’s just so good.

5. Anything you want to say about who is reading this!

Though I am not experienced or professional in writing but all I want to say is life is unexpected adventures giver also a collection of memories. So never stop inking the pen if it gives you the reason to live, be happy and decrease your sorrows. And happy new year 2075.

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