You are slaying your moves feeling like a good competition to Beyoncé.- Samikshya Bashishtha Bhattarai, Winner, Wordism Poush

Happiness is….

You are sharing your feelings to someone and they listened. They didn’t judge you for feeling that way. They identified with you and they gave you a warm hug. Your eyes are full of tears but your heart is at ease and you feel free.

You solved a math problem on your own without your best-friend’s help who ace every exam; without getting a glance of disgust from your teacher for failing to solve it. There’s a sense of pride in you and you can’t wait to get back home to share that with your mom.

Inside the four walls of your cozy room with a door locked from in, windows covered by the curtains, a bulb lighting up and “boss” by fifth harmony playing in the background, you are slaying your moves feeling like a good competition to Beyoncé.

You are all depressed after having a fight with your family and then seeing frustrating people in social networking sites and then hearing terrible news all around the world. You can’t explain your helplessness so you convert it to anger and pour it on your friend. Instead of getting agitated by your behavior he then sends you a stupid meme with a character you find hilarious from a show you are currently watching. You can’t stop your smile to get its way.

After a long day at school you are finally on the way to bus stop. You remember the site of the bus the day before and how you barely could get out of it making your way through the crowd. Suddenly a vacant bus stops in-front of you and you hear a voice saying Suryabinayak, naya bato bhaktapur, janey ho? You rush it inside as if it’s going to take you to your dreamland. You thank God for his generosity and also get amused by your rare luck.

So, now what actually happiness is? Though very subjective it is as simple as it sounds: something that gives you this fluttering sensation. It’s not an end you strive for. In fact it’s around you in your everyday life, knocking you on the way to your hardships, your struggle. So don’t run away from it. Make it your friend that will visit you time and again to give you a little boost you are desperately in need of.


Question and Answer with Samikshya

1. Tell us more about you.
I am a recent graduate in Community Development from Kathmandu University School of Arts. Currently, I am planning for my further studies abroad. I identify myself as a learner and I strive to grow and be better with each of my experiences.

2. What was your thought when you apply to Wordism competition?
Honestly, participating in the competition was just a let’s give it a try thing as before wordism neither I had participated in any of the writing competition nor I had published any of my writings. So when I started writing this, I was not even sure I would send it. I wrote it in a spur of moment. But when I read the end product I somewhat liked it because it was very honest. Yet, I was not sure if it was something that could get through a competition.

3. What are your dreams and aspiration?
I want to work in the field of peace, justice and psycho social health. Basically I want to be someone who can keep the ray of hope alive.

4. How do you feel being the Wordism Hero for Poush?
Definitely HAPPY! I guess happiness has knocked me once again :D. Anyway on a serious note I was pretty surprised when I saw my name flashing as the Wordism Hero on your facebook post. As I said earlier I was not very confident about my writing. So, I guess winning this gave me an assurance that I always required. Now I look forward to explore this side of me more.

5. Anything you want to say for who is reading this!
Writing is a very strong means of expressing oneself so if you feel like doing it then go for it. You might not be best at it but it will definitely help you realize about yourself. So, don’t you ever restrict yourself from doing so, thinking you are not good enough.

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