Where and How should I Start Social Work?

Where and How Should I Start Social Work

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“I love doing social work and i want to do that work, so I don’t know where to start and how.
Please help me.”


by Psychbigyaan Network Nepal – PNN

From our perspective, Social work is a kind of work which can be done in two ways.

  1. As per your interest
  2. As per your profession.

If you want to start doing social work as per your interest, you can start in anyway, anywhere and anytime. Being help to somebody or helping somebody in need is itself a social work. You can do anything for society and its betterment. So you can start doing it right away as per your interest and passion.

OR if you are interested in making social work your profession, you can focus on getting a degree in social work. In Nepal, we have Bachelor in Social Work and Masters in Social Work- courses available. Join them if you are interested to have formal education in this area.

Main thing, social work is an ‘action’ so if you are passionate and interested in helping somebody in any way, you can start from individual level or joining organizations as a volunteer or intern or joining colleges to broaden your perspective in formal ‘social work training’ and start working.
We hope it is helpful for you.
Good wishes for you. 🙂

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Psychbigyaan Network Nepal is purely youth led organization working to promote Mental Health and Psychology.The word ‘Psychbigyaan’ is an amalgamation of a English and a Nepali word . Psych means Mind and Bigyaan (which is a Nepali word) means science.

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