What’s in a life?

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I wish I could be alone dreaming in my own world but it’s quite harder. Your life is not only yours, it is bounded to thousands of people around you. Their hopes, interests, motivation always lie upon you. You can never be free from them.

Being a medical student, I feel a thousand eyes watching at me with immense hopes and expectations. It feels somehow a great responsibility for me myself turning a good citizen helping them in their needs. Every day I wake up, I feel the same I imagine thousand hearts beating for me. That really strengthens me towards my career and my profession as a student. Jumping on 7 subjects at a time despite the fun, happiness, and relaxation, it quiet seems boring for all of us but for me, it is the way I become the happiest person. I find the solo happiness lying deep on the chapters and those bulky books. I don’t mean I am an extraordinary student or a topper, but I am trying to be a learner. I have somehow adopted myself as a learner since I entered medical college, I had to…

A reader who enjoys reading. Only for all those needy and sick whose wounds need to heal, whose tears need to stop because of me. This is what I have always hoped in my life. Hope I could work harder and be a good learner in my upcoming days.May almighty help in every step of my life. Being a part of a middle-class family where expectations are more than attempts, where you are morally, psychologically focused in different manners, I have seen the necessity of a morally bound child who could contribute more or less to his parents. I have seen my own parents dreaming a day when I could return to them as a responsible doctor and could treat them. I have been to many families where the sick is deprived of medicines and a proper guidance. So, I have dreamed of becoming a doctor who could work for those who are really in need. All these circumstances have always boosted me to go forth despite my failures. I have always believed on positive thoughts that could change the world.

“Try to be a man of value not the man of success”.

This is all we have heard, a quote by Albert Einstein. I too try to follow it. Let’s do something for our nation and our people either through a small effort or a big one. The choice is yours.

I never consider myself as a brilliant student or a topper neither I am. A man can be successful only if he is positive throughout his life even if he faces with failures. That doesn’t mean I am a successful person but let me tell you a story which is real, might be inspirational for many of us who are like me. I had attempted almost 4 entrance exams for MBBS scholarship, I failed every time. But the thing was I never thought of giving up my dreams. I worked my best, I dreamed harder, god blessed me and finally, I got the scholarship after a harder patience. That day has taught me a great lesson in my life just chase your dreams, never give up even if there are thousands of people discouraging around but don’t let yourself down. Do whatever you can for your best, your destiny will always help you. Perhaps it might seem quiet philosophical but this is what I exactly feel.

About Writer: Maya Upadhyaya

Currently, I am a medical student of Manipal college of Medical Sciences Pokhara in 2nd year.
I am from Dhangadhi, Kailali.

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