13 Types of Football fans you find in Nepal – Which one are you?

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Unity is Diversity in the context of Nepal.
However, when it comes to following Football,
-Certainly yes!

-Hell No!

With the increasing popularity of club football in Nepal, various groups of supporters have emerged. With this diversification of fan following, we can roughly list out the types of football fans we find:

1. Statistic Guru
These are the fans that have every bit of statistics in their pocket. They will present the Goal ratio, passes completed, and will have complete account for the clearances, interceptions and tackles made to prove why other players don’t stand a chance against their players.
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2. The Pessimist
They are just never happy. Every decision that goes against their club will mean the referee is bribed. If any player underperformers, they must be transferred out immediately. After two losses, the manager needs to be sacked. If the club wins 1-0, the score should have been 3 or 4 nil. If a player is on a 120k salary, he should deserve not more than 110k. If a player is bought, someone better should have been bought.
3. Mr. Merchandise
They literally eat and sleep around their club. They will have all the available merchandise be it bed sheets, scarves, jackets and posters with them. They will have a huge collection of Jerseys of every seasons and won’t resist not buying home, away, alternate, training jerseys and the one with their favorite player’s chant for the current season too.
4. News Reporter
If you ever happen to miss the match on TV, better have them friends on Facebook or followed on Twitter. They will be posting updates every second – from color of the player’s boot to the degree of ball’s curve in the free kick. It seems they have been handed a responsibility to post details of every instant or they will be seized of their fan-ship. And, if they happen to attend a live football match, they will be posting hundred selfies, thousands of tweets and infinite number of throwback posts.

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5. The Die hard ones
Losing is heartbreak for them, winning is a celebration. They will be completing all their pre-match superstitions as well. They will be seen around the pubs during the match days. Couple of days before the match, they will be on their shower thinking the best possible lineup for their team. When the match isn’t aired, an irritatingly lagging live stream will also do for them, because a glimpse of their players playing is enough to make their day.
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6. The Real Sensible walas
You never see them indulged in the Messi-Ronaldo debate in spite of them being a huge fan of either one. They could also be the secret admirer of a rival player who plays good football. You never see them posting stuffs like “Zlatan is God” after his acrobatic goals however, sarcasm is their good friend. You can consider them the hybrid of the die hard fans and the statistic guru. And, they certainly have Sergio Aguero in their fantasy team.
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7. The casual fans
This type of fan won’t care if their team is losing or winning, has a derby this week or a Champions League final. They can’t possibly even list out the playing XI properly but will go on boasting around about the club which they so-called follow, have a jersey to exhibit and nothing more.
8. One player fan
The club doesn’t matter for them. They just know that all the players in the team should be assisting their favorite player to score. After the match, they will be the first to admire the greatness of their favorite player. They possibly have their Facebook name, profile picture and current hairstyle of their dear player too.
9. Highlight & Live score lovers
A 90 minute match is way too long and boring for them. So, a highlight the next day or the live score update will do. If their club is leading 2-0 already in the half-time, they won’t bother to watch the next half. If their club is trailing 1-0, they won’t still bother the next half because they are in love with the highlights and live scores more than their club.
10. The Fangirl
Yes, we do have sincere female football fans with whom we can talk genuine football whole day and not get bored. But here, it’s the fangirls we are talking about. Her favorite player is not based on his game play, but his hairstyle, his attractiveness or the girl he is dating. She just knows the club and nation her player plays for. And, she doesn’t forget to write a long wish on her Facebook timeline on his birthday expressing how he has inspired to live her life positively.
11. The Fantasy Lovers
With the increasing popularity of Fantasy football, a new fan group has emerged. Even if El Classico is being broadcasted in other channel, they will be watching Bournemouth vs Burnley, because they have Callum Wilson in their fantasy team. Not only that, they believe watching the match could provide some encouragement and confidence to their player.

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12. The Nepali fan
They do have an eye on the European leagues but what they most care about is the Nepali football. They are not those fans who come back from hibernation during international matches only, but they know exact number of goals Nawayug has scored this domestic season, the best young talent in the lot and will even be following B division league carefully. Not to miss out, Dasharath Rangashala is their second home.
13. The Quiet ones
Yes, they exist too. They are the silent ones who watch every single match without making a great fuss about it. They will know who is playing good, who should be playing, who are reportedly linked to their club and even on which minute his striker had scored the screamer two seasons back. But, they choose to remain quiet. Because, that’s the way they are.

So, which one are you?


About the Writer(Bibidh Subedi)

Bibidh is currently studying +2 in St. Xavier’s College. Fascinated by literature, he is extremely fond of writing. A close football follower and an Arsenal fan, he even has worked as columnist in several sports websites. He believes everything starts with a dream and that whatever we do, we must do it with passion.

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