Top 6 Medical Colleges In Nepal


Seriously, if you are really aiming for studying abroad and finding the right medical college for yourself then Nepal can be your study destination.

It is fact that Nepal has many high-class medical colleges and overlooking it will not be the good decision for you.

Although going to Europe and study there is great but if you have a confined budget then considering Nepal most specifically for medical studies is great.

If you evaluate medical colleges of Nepal from all aspects so you will find that they really follow the international standards when it comes to teaching medical subjects.

Another important thing which you must not overlook is that getting admission in any medical college of Nepal is not difficult. And all you will have to do is to just follow a simple admission procedure.

Followings are some great and high-class medical colleges of Nepal, so make sure you go through all of them.

1. Institute of Medicine


If you talk about the medical colleges of Nepal so you will have to kick off with this great institute for medical studies. It is situated in the Center of great Kathmandu Valley. As you explore more about it so you will find that people also call it the mother of many experienced current young doctors. So never overlook this great institute for medical studies.

2. B.P.Koirala Institute of Health Sciences


It is another great medical college in Nepal and when it comes to health sciences so honestly this institute has its great name. It is the medical institute which has never compromised on providing quality education to students just like other medical colleges in Nepal do. So while searching the best medical institute in Nepal, make sure you get the insight about this institute.

3. Manipal College of Medical Science


If you talk about the best medical colleges in Nepal so this specific medical institute is the one which also comes among those best medical institutes. It is situated in the nice valley of Pokhara. One of the best attributes of this college is that you will find lots of foreign students studying there.

4. Kathmandu Medical College


As it comes to best private medical colleges in Nepal so this medical institute is the prominent name among all the private medical colleges. And if you are looking for any private medical institute in Nepal then do consider it as it definitely provides quality education.

5. College of Medical Sciences


Honestly, when it comes to medical colleges in Nepal so you will have lots of great options and this medical institute is another one. As you dig out more about it so you will explore that it offers DM/MCH courses to students. And that makes it as one of the best choices for students aiming to get the medical degree. And if this great medical institute is attracting you then do not waste time and get admission there.

6. Nepalgunj Medical College


It is another great medical institute that can attract you and compel you to get admission there. If you dig out more about it so you will find that the passing rate among all the MBBS students is great. With that, its professors are also highly qualified and that is what which attracts international students to get admission there. So never forget to dig out more about this great institute.

All these above-mentioned institutes are the right ones for medical studies in Nepal. So if you are looking for the right and financially reasonable study destination for your medical studies then Nepal has a lot to offer you in this regard.

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