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Women of my Life


Sometimes, I wonder – what is the difference between an infatuation for someone and true love exactly for someone? How can we really identify whether our feelings for someone is short-lived or long lasting? Or does ‘love’ even exist? Is love overrated? Is trust what it really matters in a relationship?

While, I feel every question has an answer as a student who believes in science, but then again, isn’t something like love vastly out of range of science or any studies for that matter. You can take an example of my love for you. I love you, not in a selfish way. I don’t love you like I love oranges or cold coffee with extra ice cream. My love for things as such is substantial – I can and will live without them if necessary. But I love you in a dangerous way, with every fiber of my being. I love you like the breath in my lungs, like the beat in my heart. How do you define such a vast thing in a world where every single concept or element present is weighed in terms of proportionality? Then, thoughts of how this love actually originates and my inability to find it jeopardizes my credentials of creative thinking. Do I lust over your beautiful eyes or is it my craving to hear the lovely voice that actually triggers my deep love for you. But, I like to be around you and your presence is what I feel balances me out. Or is it that I like each and every part of you – I like to have a sense of myself in each and every part of you. The funniest thing is when you ask me questions whether you look fat. “Do I look fat? Tell me honestly”, you ask. “No.” I honestly say. There’s no right answer to it. You question my judgment. But what you don’t know is, in my eyes, you level the max in the barometer of perfection.

For me, there’s no one more beautiful than you and even though, I realize you are not perfect, you are a better soulmate for me than any other woman in the world.

I like to think that every beautiful element in you- from your lustful lips to your sexy ass, everything has penchant for myself. It’s not just about you – it’s the same thing for me. I like to think we’re complete.

I like to think we have a deep proclivity for each other. Is that what really triggers love?

As I write on and on, on this, I finally know why you actually mean so much to me. Every person wants his lover to be a best friend, to understand you and to have a sense of security amongst the presence of the other. But what if you have one of your closest friends as a lover? What if she knows you and you understand her before you really have an intimidate relationship? That’s an A-plus for a relationship. That makes you feel you want this woman for life-time. And I do.

It’s a fact that I love to play with words- so much that I don’t actually make sense at all with them. But I never play with my heart, and believe me, when I say this, I mean it from the core of my heart.

Happy Valentines Day!


Question answer with Barun

1. Tell us more about you.

I’m a Computer Engineering Undergraduate student studying at IOE Pulchowk. I love to read books, watch movies and sports.

2. What was your thought when you apply to Wordism competition?

There hasn’t been such a regular writing competition as far as I know. The competition gives a platform for young budding writers to showcase their talent and that is what impressed me before I applied to the competition.

3. What are your dreams and aspiration?

I’ve never really made specific dreams for life. So many times, people work hard yet they don’t get the end product they deserve. Perhaps, my dreams and aspiration are to garner the same amount of success that my work deserves.

4. How do you feel being the Wordism Runner Up for Magh?

I feel honored to be awarded the Runner Up for Magh. However, like a normal human being, I also strive to work hard and win the main accolade in the coming months.

5. Anything you want to say about who is reading this!

If you ever feel misunderstood, try explaining your situation in the form of words. There’s no other powerful way to express your emotions than through letters.

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