Story behind

Story Behind

Writer: Sujan Pariyar

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When I was a kid my family experienced a civil war which started from 1996 and ended in 2006. My dad was serving in the army and participated in the war. We lived in the city and my dad was in the war zone. We were not allowed to go to our farm house because most of the people of the village were part of Maoist (the communist party of Nepal) and they knew about my father having served in the Nepalese army. This increased the probability of conflict wherever he went. Every day was a nightmare with lots of bad news and emotional breakdown. Never knew what news will show up to us which can be devastating. It was scary time for Nepalese. We didn’t visit our grandparents for many years and even didn’t go out of city. More than 15,000 people were killed and 100,000 to 150,000 people were internally displaced as a result of conflict.

After peace process, my dad went to Congo for peace development program working with UN for 6 month. During the time, I got opportunity to volunteer and learn about charity and Ngo’s. My dad got some fund for serving in UN after his arrival in Nepal. With that fund, we decided to help people affected by war/ conflict, needing help in education, empowerment and to support people in need. We proposed our government to help us start a charity ” Children Home Nepal” to support children, empower women and rebuild community. After officially registered, we were provided 10 children who comes from poor, orphan and underprivileged family who were in need of support for food, education, clothes and home. Currently, we are caring 11 children in “Children Home Nepal” and sponsoring 10 children of rural area for education and aiming to sponsor 100 children.

We did empowering project for women, teach English, crafts, introduced new cultures through our international volunteers and showed them world through our small laptops. During devastating earthquake in April 25, 2015, we support many peoples and charities with food, cloths, tents, proper water, medical assistance, shelter and continued we continue it for a year.

After a year of establishment, we struggled financial crisis for our charity. Everything was just expenses. After that I run some online fundraising campaign but it was not supporting for long run. We needed to find some sustainable source of income, so we did chicken farming as our first funding campaign starting with 5-6 chicken which goes really good, but after that we added 50 chicken and 30 died due to weather, which make us feel this won’t work for us. Next we did rabbit farming, rabbit eat so much and we got tired of cutting grasses and buying cabbage leafs. After that we did Photo exhibition and weekend hikes for charity in National park.

Currently, for better sustainable support of welfare projects I founded “Inxchan- New beginning of life” , owned “Budhanil Guest house”, Owned “Inxchan Clothing” and working on “Wanderlust Nepal- Yoga and meditation with water ” and aiming to start a restaurants in upcoming 5 year for job opportunity for children from different charity after they pass out at the age of 18.

Last 5 years have been full of serious responsibilities; providing housing, food, formal and in- home education to children, managing volunteers and developing several business ideas as mean to fund our Children Home, village sponsoring, and other charities humanitarian efforts. I continue learning everyday, networking and promoting our efforts with great passion as I know that what we do today will impact the life of our children’s and other people in Nepal and they all will be people of good that will also help others. I love my country Nepal, my family, my children and my community and I graceful for all of them and the opportunity to serve.

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