Snowy Wind, Winner, Jyotika Bhatt, Poush 2074

When the first blow of the breeze
Pushed his little fingers back into the thin Linen sleeves
He knew the great whites were coming
Every year he dreamt,
A dream of snow falling

His whistles lit up the street
As he rushed back home, bare feet
This was one wish of his
That Ma never wished to be fulfilled

In his dismantled shelter
That he called home
He was loved by his mother; he was not alone
As every bite of the stale bread
Felt stiff and frozen in his mouth
He wondered if the snow would be that cold
It was not the bread he cared about

In his miniature mind,
He built a staggering snowman
Swinging his arms up and down, legs side to side,
He formed a snow angel

One fine morning he woke up
To see his wish come true
His roof had thatched
And the crisp emerald grass had vanished
Both beautifully blanketed by milky white
In awe, he danced with delight

He could not have enough of the snow
Like the snow could not have enough of him
As the freezing winds found its way to west
His health deteriorated down south

He had trouble breathing as he chuckled with joy
Coughed his way through the first week,
Unconscious the second,
By the third week, they say, his lungs were inflamed with happiness

A small casket is never a good sight
He left early in the morning without a goodbye
When the snow fell this year
There was nothing but moans and tears!

Ma dragged his casket back home
Closed the door, she asked to be left alone
Tears carving a canyon on her cheeks
She lit herself, her dead son, and their home in flames
As the atomic tangerine rose high up; onlookers watched in vain

Looking at her little boy sleeping in a box full of pain
Ma only wanted him never to feel cold again!

As the snow melted and the ground soaked up the water,
It swallowed the little boy and his mother
When the winter walked away this year,
There was nothing left but the echo of muffled dreams and tears!

heartbreak and pain

Question and Answer with Jyotika

1. Tell us more about you.

Currently studying BBA at Shanker Dev Campus, I like to indulge in creative activities amidst the uproar of my academic and work life.

2. What was your thought when you apply to Wordism competition?

Knowing about this platform where I could express and present my thoughts felt like a good opportunity. Moreover, since the topic for the month of Poush was “Winter”, much of me wanted to express the reality of what winter is like to the underprivileged people.

3.What are your dreams and aspiration?

In the literary field, I aspire to keep writing and possibly publish some of my writings that portray reality or fantasy to somehow positively affect people who read it.

4. How do you feel being the Wordism Runner Up for Poush?

It definitely feels good to be appreciated and recognized.

5.Anything you want to say about who is reading this!

I urge readers and writers to convey their feelings through creative writing since words truly know the way to the heart. Let other readers ponder on the pool of emotions you have created through your words.

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