“Silent cry” – To someone I lost today; the cancer patient I had been seeing!

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Dedicated to someone i lost today, cancer patient i had been seeing. May his soul rest in peace.

Trying to tie
Pulling the rope,
Knot the life
With sheer hope,

He Couldnt breath
and his unbearable paiN
DrOwned him dry in air
With the disease of despair

I druged to ease
and watch him in peace
Oh what a relief
That his pain got relieved

and That he is still living
And i was there
as though he was floating
and beneath him, i was holding…

No more i cud hold
as Slowly he got heavier
I see his son panic
And he was a poor bearer

They pled me to keep holding
And i tried,
I tried to pull his soul back
But it was not something i made
I could just try
Push his heart to beat
With All knOws, known to me
And those, there standing for me

He grew heavy,
Heavier was my heart
And i watched him sinking,
Sinking down and aparT

And then that wailing emotions
Silenced the other emissions
I wrote, declared him dead
And handed his son, the certificte
All were grieved and so was i
But no one noticed my silent cry.


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