Share Your Emotional/ Mental Health Stories

You are not alone.

Let’s shine the light in emotional darkness.

Why sharing your emotional story?

Sharing your own story helps to encourage understanding and empathy to those who suffer from similar experience.

It indicates that you are not alone fighting with your own problems.

Your story would be initial step towards reducing the stigma of mental health as it engages more people to talk about mental wellbeing.

Those who are in the time of struggling can learn useful tips and techniques to overcome that similar problems and unlearn unhealthy habits and thoughts.

Sharing story leads to support and supporting others is totally therapeutic.

It’s time to know yourself, explore your feeling and inspire people to learn. Be yourself and honest, you are expert of your own story.


It’s on you; you can use your full name, Nick name or make up name. Remaining anonymous is also ok. We respect your privacy.

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