Sabita Upreti : Changing Lives of Autistic Children in Nepal

Sabita Upreti-Founder and President of SSDRC, Nepalese Youth, Months Hero

Sabita Upreti, a compassionate and hardworking social worker from a remote place like Dolakha has been running an organization SSDRC (Special School for Disabled and Rehabilitation Center) for past 4 years. With core subject Commerce as a major, she did her high schooling from Pashupati Campus and has several years of teaching experience at Saraswati School. She also worked as a journalist in different media houses. Despite being raised in family with weak economical background, Miss Upreti never lost hope and with the continuous support of her family, she fulfilled her dream of helping the disabled and autistic children, Here is what she has to say about her passion and devotion towards helping the children in need.

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One liner with Sabita Upreti

LIFE: Life is beautiful
LOVE: World is bound together with love.
MONEY: Money is something but not everything.
POLITICS: is a social work.
Social Work: Rising above one’s personal interest to look after society.
HAPPINESS: Everything.
FAVORITE PLACE: Nothing in particular, every new place I visit.
BEFORE I DIE: I want to see this organization live.

1. Where did it all start from, the journey of your life?

Initially, I didn’t find any concerned organization and helping centers for Autistic Children. Further, the government paid no proper attention to those children. So in order to help those children and my love for them, I started this organization, however we had no proper financial aid.

2. How do you maintain the positive attitude in you?

Working for this organization brings the positive attitude within myself. It’s not the people’s attire and their outer beauty that brings the positive attitude but it’s their Karma. When I bring positive attitude in myself I can focus and do my work better.

3. What would you have become, if you had not found this platform?

If I hadn’t found this platform, I might have gone abroad and lived a different life, may be I would have been working here under a project. And since I have keen interest in Nepali literature, I would have become an author or media personnel.

4. Where do you see yourself in coming 10 years?

I had no plans before coming to kathmandu. Right now I don’t have any personal plans, rather my plans for future are purely social. I wish to establish this organization in all the developmental regions and look after the children throughout the country. I want to see this organization out stand as one of the top organization among the South Asian countries.

5. What advice do you give to the younger generation?

Youth bear both personal responsibilities, towards their families and friends, but having said that they should not forget their responsibility toward their society. If we want something from our heart, surely we’ll be able to fulfill them. Youth are the one who are going to change this country so I request them contribute at least something for their society and country as a whole.

6. What is your life Mantra?

WORK WITH DESIRE AND SERVE WITH SMILE. Rahar le Kaam Garau, Hasera Sewa Graun

Recently, internationally awarded photojournalist ‘GMB Akash’ wrote a very heart touching blog post about his experience with SSDRC and Autistic Children. Read it Here

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