Reasons for heartbreak

When we talk or hear about heart break and its pains then we experience a cold feeling in our heart that makes us emotional and with that we also remember an example or experience of broken heart whether it’s of our own or others. Before I start my own feeling I want to share a funny incident which comes in my mind when I hear about heartbreak. It is about that time when I was in studying in class eight. That day one of my friend Bhuvan was behaving differently than other day. He seemed to be in lost mood. I was surprised to see him in such mood. Then I asked him the reason. At first he was silent but when I began to irritate him then he finally opened his mouth. That day he had proposed a girl but had failed in it. Hearing this I absentmindedly laughed. Then he became furious and told me,

“You laugh because you don’t know what a broken heart is.”

I got amazed by his words when he told that only lovers like him who couldn’t succeed in love will know the meaning of heart pain. Then I asked myself,

 “Does heartbreak happen only to such lovers?”

Obviously not.


This was just an example of a crazy lover. Maybe before that he might not have fallen in such tragedy so he thought that heart break occurs in such occasion only. Like Bhuvan we obviously have experienced heartbreaks in our life. Reasons may be different but the pain is somewhat similar. We all have different views regarding heart break and its pains. As per my view, there are uncountable reasons why we suffer from heart break. Sometimes even a small thing can break our heart and give us great pain. I believe that the main reason behind someone having heartbreak is lack of fulfillment of expectation. When we expect more but we are unable to get success in it then our heart suffers the most. Bhuvan’s tragedy also comes under it, but I was unsatisfied with his words.


Most incidents in my life where I suffered from heart pain is due to my expectations not fulfilling. Talking about recent times, there was a quiz competition held where I participated representing my college. I was very much attracted by the prizes and I had expected a lot from it because I had always stood first whenever I participated in quiz. But unfortunately that day I couldn’t. Loosing was not the thing but being teased from friends was hard to digest because I had promised them that I would be the winner but couldn’t happen so. That day was very hard for me. Apart from this, there are also other incidents where my expectations were not fulfilled and my heart broke like when I didn’t get expected marks in exams, when my parents didn’t fulfill my demand, etc. For us students, the bitterest moment is that time when we come to know that our friend (esp. best friend) gets more success than us like if he/she gets good marks in exam or becomes the winner in any other thing.


Another reason I have experienced pain is when we lose something or someone very special. Today, when I look small children playing happily then I always remember my childhood which gives me pain to my heart. I can do nothing except remembering because I’ve already lost my childhood and which cannot be brought back again. I think many of us are familiar with this pain.


Talking about the greatest pain I have suffered till today was that day when my maternal uncle (mama) breathed for the last time on the earth. That day I felt the real pain of my life because I lost the one whom I loved very much. I had never expected that such day would also be come. But I had to accept the situation even though loosing someone special is very hard to accept.


Likewise, talking about other there are many things that have brought heart break and caused pain in my life. As I have mentioned earlier there are uncountable reasons why we suffer from heartbreak and even a small thing can gives a big pain. We all Nepali are familiar with the actual heartbreak that we suffered last year from the devastating earthquake and the unofficial blockade.

Life is a mixture of both happiness and pain. I think for the success of our life pain is also necessary, because from it we can learn to be capable in future. If we read the life history of great people like Newton, Einstein, Edison and many others, we can find they have also suffered from great heart pain in their life.  I think we must share with others about our heart pain and learn from it because it’s such a pain which can neither be cured by any pain killer nor by any surgical treatments.

Writer: Kritik Rawal


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