4 Reasons Why You Need A Hobby


Why hobbies are important?

A hobby is basically an activity you do in your leisure time. They can be anything from painting, playing basketball or even gardening. It is something that relaxes you, helps you be calm and have a particular amount of time dedicated to yourself. In this very busy world where we don’t spare a minute to ourselves, people have somewhat left the hobbies behind while they sprint ahead with their day to day life. It is important to get work done but it is equally important to have a hobby in life and in this article I’ll explain to you why.

1. They help you keep the stress away.

The thing about hobbies is they separate you from reality even if it’s just for five minutes. Hobbies shouldn’t be forced, they should be something you really love doing and make you happy. For instance, if reading a book soothes you and calms you – make that a habit. Make sure you read a book or even an article before going to bed. If listening to music is your thing, make an aim to discover new artist and their music each week. Things like these are what develop a person. When you’re pursuing the things you love you tend to be more attentive and focus all your attention on that one single thing. They make you more happy and energetic, thus the stress goes away.

2. They connect you with other people.

Our hobbies say a lot about us. They are a general reflection of what kind of person we are and what we prefer or we don’t. In a way, they help us discover ourselves. Imagine meeting someone who loves your favorite band just as much as you do or who loves Harry Potter and has every book stored just like you do. Imagine how much the two of you would talk about. This is the thing, they connect people, strengthen communication and keep people close. Wherever you go in life, you are always going to meet people who share common interests because of it and that’s amazing.

3. They build self-esteem.

Living life can be exhausting at times. Maybe you have a stressful job or unlikable colleagues or a hurtful past all of it can be too much at times. And the more you think of it the more harm it’s going to ruin you and your self-esteem. It doesn’t build up easy yet takes seconds to break. Hobbies help you with that. Maybe you weight lift, maybe you go cycling these are the things that are going to take your mind away of all the chaos that’s been happening around. Small things and events in life shape us and help us gain more perspective. Hobbies are always going to be there when your 9-5 job disappoints. They are the one thing that you have in life to count on and make yourself feel better about.

4. Hobbies make you interesting.

This goes without saying. A hobby adds color to your life, it separates you from the normal people. They give you something to talk about and you’re going to obviously sound smart because you know this, you know what you’re talking about cause it’s what you do and it’s what you love. The more you grow, the more you will know what you love doing and what you don’t. They connect you to people like I mentioned earlier. They make you creative and keep boredom at bay because you’re always going to have something to do.

I hope this article has provided you with a general idea as to why hobbies are important. We all need one or few hobbies to balance our life because having some time to yourself is really important for your own sake. So if you have a hobby, keep it up! If not it’s time get up and find one.


Writer: Neha Ojha
Neha is a literature enthusiast who spends most of her time in between reading fictions and writing. Lover of simple pleasure you’ll often find her traveling places, taking pictures and tasting new cuisines.

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