Rain and memories, Runner Up, Wordism S3, Shrawan

Rain and memories
Sprinkles of rain, unexpectedly in the cold night with the cold wind rushing through the hurling curtains into the room pattered in the dark wall and the rolling raindrops down in alignment flashes him back to past memories of dribbling raindrops all the way to his nose tips, ear-lobe-ends and eyebrows ready to get sacrificed in the ground. That day, he remembers, was not just an ordinary day for him but was the start of a journey with days chained in a joyful garland of pink roses, the roses, however, couldn’t resist the upcoming bad weather.

That was rainy morning in Darjeeling with rushes of vehicles swerving to avoid a hole being dug in the centre of muddy road to his college and he with a rough copy, a floppy umbrella, everything was wet and his slow and heavy steps, he remembers. Now, as his eyes fix on a lovely flower vase in a wooden pot at his side on the table, he flies back again to the same day when he first met his lovely bud in college. The day was brand new for every newcomer and there she was staring at the falling rain drops in a pool of water from the college balcony in her grey colored trousers, rolled upto her knees, green colored shirt, her hair curling
down to her shoulders and a pretty red Aryan-Mongol look In no time when he saw her as he was rolling his umbrella to enter the class, an aero plane took him to the soft and blue canopy of clouds dispersed in golden rays of affection, where she was the pilot , he realized, he was lost in the velvety-pink rose, and the same rose after frequent talks, laughs, guffs, smiles, eye contact was presented before her with a love proposal. He was glad that she accepted and both of them stepped into a fairy world of cotton with dawn and dusks of romantic pinks.

Train running all the way from Gompo, Gantok to the corners of Darjeeling flew them to heights, sharing yellow tea at cafes, hanging around batase park, rock garden favoured their hearts more and more. “Dallai bho”, her continuation of phrases like these still rings inside him as his heart wrings up in every beat of those mesmerizing glimpses with the sprinkles of rain, giving a rhythm of everything fast-flying before the restless eyes and a motionless body.

A long sigh and again, his eyes fired at the rushes of wind blowing the curtains and intensified rain with more and more pattering Switch him onto those merry making and partying of college days, his birthday celebration at Tiger hill with long hours spent together in the cold, with a sense of warmth inside them.

The thundering of the sky wakes him up into the present as a cat shares a mew with the silence after thefrightening fights in the sky, His eyes droop down to close but again a “dhuru…n… rung, Silence and patience he finds so dilficult to have.. patience patience, was the world she used to soothe him many times and her novels were her source of those brilliant ideas..novels….novel, she was reading that day on their college’s excursion to Sikkim, everything was pleasant and joyful, but then the moment pennified his poor soul so badly when the scene of a somersaulting van down the slippery, sloppy road ended in the river. The shrugging shoulders, rustling tires, freezing water, screaming hearts were there bloody pool all he could see was with her in embrace and everything shut before his eyes as curtains close after a drama episode is Over, When his eyes opened, all he could see first was a ceiling fan creaking, below where eyes wet in tears which soon burst him into cries, knowing she’s gone.

That spring afternoon, delayed his hours till now in the rain, it has been the time when he’s so silent and dull as his paralyzed body and his amputated legs are………………………………………..

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