Prayatna Shrestha – One Man Band From Pokhara

Prayatna Shrestha - A One Man Band from Pokhara

Prayatna Shrestha, 28. Still remembers the difficulties that he had to face while preparing for Sprite Band Challenge and difficulties that he faced afterwards. Gloriously smiles the native of Pokhara remembering all the good times and bad.

Winner of the 3rd sprite band challenge-G9’s then vocalist is now pursing his career as solo artist. He has launched his solo track, has been giving concerts at different places and also singing in the bar. Naughty in his childhood he shares his memories of singing a tragic filmy song when he was scolded and locked up inside bathroom for going swimming in powerhouse, Pokhara.

We call Prayatna Shrestha – “A one man band” because when he is in the stage, he and his guitar can create magic of music alone.

Prayatna Shrestha is a popular name for music lover and has been contributing in the field and desire to set motivation for youths who want to join in the field of music.

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One liner with Prayatna Shrestha:

Life: A big journey
Love: Something you never know
Money: Desire
Youth: Pillar of the country
Leader: Important
Music: Everything
Favorite place: Pokhara
Dream: Live an exemplary life and trying for that
People I admire most: My family
Before I die: I want to create a history
Biggest supporter of: Nepathya

How would you define Prayatna Shrestha?

A person who sings and walks on the street; a free spirit.

Your journey in musical world:

My sister used to sing and I was inspired by her. I started singing in school and college programs.

After +2 like most of youth I went to Australia with the dreams of earning money. It was not a great experience though and my love for music did not fade despite being in Australia.

I was in touch with few friends in Nepal and we planned of doing something in the field of music. We even started jamming through Skype. Then, I returned back to Nepal and we formally started our band G9.

Coincidentally, We participated in Sprite Band Challenge and won it. I still can’t believe it though. (laughs)

After some differences with band members I left G9. It was a painful experience. I was in tears when the band broke. I cried too badly and felt I was betrayed. Maybe …I guess…. other members had same thoughts about me.

Anyway, I was in chaos about what to do next, fortunately I got offer from ‘Damage Glitters’ band which kind of helped me revive. After few time, I decided to take my journey ahead as a solo artist.

I was nervous and in chaos but I kept taking baby steps. Before, I was in a band and I could only sing but when I was in my solo journey, I did not even know how to play guitar nicely.

Slowly, gradually I reached where I am now today. I am learning, I try to play with more musical instrument ani aile chai guitar pani j hos ramrai bajauchu jasto lagcha.

There are many things to do yet. It’s just a beginning.(smiles)

I am glad I had different experiences of working as a team as well as working alone. I believe it helped me to learn many thing.

How was your life in Australia?

For first few weeks I was really frustrated. I remember, at first day into city, I was so naive that I didn’t even knew how to call using payphone and was mocked by police once because of that.

I am thankful to one Indian taxi driver who saw my pitiful situation at that time and dropped me up to my new resident without taking any money. A little secret: “Later, I used to give him free burgers when I worked in McDonald’s.”

My first job was cleaning toilet. And, when I got that first job, I was really very happy.
Life was really tough back there. I used to do four different jobs a day as well.

I remember during my job as sales person, an Aussie grabbed my collar. I was into tears at that time.

Message to young people who want to get into music:

If you learn music, that would probably be the best. But in context of Nepal, it would also be better if you think of backup plan so that you can overcome the failure if it comes across. I

It’s not about being popular it’s about living your passion and things can’t be easy at it seems.

Your message to your audience:

Sometimes I feel in the field of entertainment, people only enjoy the entertainment but they cannot see the hard work involved behind that entertainment.

It is difficult even to speak for 3 hours and we are there singing for you for hours. A gratitude and warmth would motivate us too.

What would you do if not singing?

(Long pause and then with smile) Probably be in abroad working hard and struggling.

Life Mantra:

The combination of equal attitude and discipline will take you high.

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