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Pollution in Nepal

Nepal, a augmenting country decorated with heaven’s beauty , natural and cultural heritage , etc has now been changing into polluted nation , proved by harmful and poisonous effects seen in the environment and thinking of people and supported by Kathmandu being ranked as the 7th most polluted city in the world by the Number with pollution index 97.33.The misuse of technologies in the name of development, thinking of people and lack of implementation of strict laws has elevated the level of pollution. Pollution has become the fundamental cause for resisting the development and leading to hazards in human health. Instead of giving lectures in pollution, everyone should contribute to control pollution.

Being the enrooting nation many technologies are widely used in the name of development. New technologies in industries directly or indirectly demand more use of resources of the environment , boosting the destruction of the environment which in turn creates ecological imbalance and production of more and more harmful wastes. Thereby new technologies to some extent may be supportive to human but in reality, it is creating pollution. The nature of the plebeians has supported knowingly or unknowingly to increase pollution. An Excessive Burning of firewood, use of old vehicles and improper disposal of waste are not only polluting the environment but also polluting the health of citizens.

It is known to everyone that Nepal is rich in ancient architecture, religious temples and natural decoration which used to invite thousands of tourist every year. But if this pollution continues its increasing pace this beauty, this architecture, this religious diversity may go in vain. The polluted air, water land etc. has made the citizens living in perplexity. Waterborne diseases, lungs disease, heart problem, eyes problem and problem in other parts of our body too have been a result of pollution. The time has come when even a newborn baby too can’t inhale unpolluted air so he cries. The hazards in human health directly become a deadlock in development. Day to day, people are migrating to a foreign country with a reason to live in a pollution free environment. Does this indicate downfall of our country?

In the present scenario of Nepal lungs, the disease has been a common problem in citizens life. Very fewer people are showing their interest in pollution control campaign which makes it unsuccessful. The government has also become partially successful to implement strict laws in controlling pollution and influence of politics too has vitiated the policies against pollution. Everybody loves to live in pollution free environment but every less put their effort in pollution control. Once I heard a person saying that his prestige goes down by picking and throwing the wrapper in Dustin. This is how citizens are themselves polluting the environment.
As our country has just become a place of disposal it is the time to think by every person to control pollution and save the identity of Nepal. Every citizen should listen to those who give lectures in pollution and help and support who are trying to control pollution. The government, civil society, media and common society should come up with galloping strategies to control pollution by its implementation by joining hand in hand with one another.
The gorgeous country Nepal should now be saved from pollution by remembering its prodigious detriments of pollution. Knowing the saying health is wealth we should remunerate citizens health by making the country and thinking of citizens pollution free. Everyone should be a part of the solution nor the part of pollution.

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