Pencils to pens: Growing up is an ecstatic challenge!- Shradha Bhatta, Wordism, Runner Up, Falgun

Whoa, those are lovely shoes! Can I borrow them someday?

I wanted to grow up to be her. Amused by the pretty clothes she wore, the way she flaunted her burgundy hair, colored lips, perfectly carved body and not to forget her winsome smile. Little did I know that growing up was not as facile.

Untied shoelace, shabby clothes, ribbons missing but a beaming face. It was so much easier getting down from the school bus and running home without a care in the world. Catching dragonflies and fireflies. Floating paper boats and flying crafted planes. Fighting for the remote controller not to miss out on our favorite cartoon. Laughing out hearts out watching Mr. Bean make a disaster out of the priceless portrait. Going to bed thinking of Cinderella and Spiderman, at the same time pondering how Undertaker could be reborn!

And there comes a phase when we realize that fairy tales don’t really exist and anger, frustration, heartache, dissatisfaction take the best of us. We try to be someone we are not only to fit in, petrified of oblivion. Obsessed with freedom yet indifferent to accountability. One day we feel like nothing can stop us from having all the happiness there is, and the next day we are contemplating our existence. A puny compliment makes our day and a condemn is enough to ruin everything along the way. We judge and go into utter desolation when get judged. We struggle to divert our mind from these midget things that seem so big, big enough to make us or break us.

Having gone through a lot emotional variance, we now learn to accept ourselves the way we are, we shed our masks. We embrace our flaws and scars because they don’t define us. Criticisms affect but don’t infect. Letting go of things are no longer too hefty if that doesn’t suit our best interest. We stop seeking safety in someone else’s affirmations. Roots strong, leaves out and about we stand like an oak tree that has survived a barbarous winter.
Finally, one day looking outside the window of a bus we come to realize how far we’ve come and how strong we’ve been all along. We flash a smile of contentment and bliss.

Lost but found, this is what growing up feels like!


Question and Answer with Shradha

1. Tell us more about you.

Hello, I am Shradha, an undergraduate Social Work student at St. Xavier’s College, Maitighar. Besides writing, I enjoy reading novels and travelling.

2. What was your thought when you apply to Wordism competition?

To be honest, the title “Growing-up” seemed fairly appealing to me and I thought of giving it a try. This has certainly been a great opportunity.

3. What are your dreams and aspiration?

As for now I do not specifically know what I aspire to be, but Psychology is my field of interest. And, I wish to travel to as many places as possible.

4. Anything you want to say who is reading this!

To everyone out there, do anything and everything that makes you happy. We don’t have to have big dreams, staying positive and strong will pretty much get us all the astounding things we deserve. Be your best self.

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