Peace – 2nd Runner up, Wordism Finale 2073/74

Finding peace together- you and I

When someone asks you about peace, what do you think of? For me, it is not the silence rather- it’s the sound of the raindrops against my window, it’s the beat of my favorite song, it’s the warmth of Oreo’s fur against my skin, it’s the comfort of food when I am home hungry and tired… It’s in the little things that I get peace. Peace is not really something definite. It’s an abstract for which each human has his/her own definition. Right now, as I am writing this, it is raining outside, a light-continuous drizzle since yesterday, which is giving me peace. But this very rain has been causing havoc elsewhere- degrading the peace. My definition of peace might be your definition of noise and that is alright.

To be writing about peace, when my life itself is in a chaotic mess seems like a very, very strange thing to do. But, the rain is helping and I am not in any state to complain.

To attain peace is not a mission to be accomplished, rather it is a continuous process. It is the process of training oneself to accept and understand life as it is in lieu of what one thinks it should be. This process involves a lot of changing of opinions, breaking of barriers and construction of new ones. Building and breaking. Breaking and building.

Generally, when people speak of peace, they think of non-violence. But is peace just related to non-violence? No. Not really. There is so much more to it. Just because there aren’t wars does not mean that all in the world in calm and peaceful. And just because two parties are in a cold war does not mean there is no peace. Peace is more about harmony, coexistence and contentment rather than the wars.

While speaking of wars, it is also necessary to speak of the battles- the battles that everyone is fighting with themselves. These battles are a bit too tricky. But at times, inner battles are what build up to become raging wars. I spoke of a chaotic life earlier. And by that, I didn’t mean the humdrum at home. Neither was I speaking of all the noise at college anytime anyone utters a word. I was not speaking about the drilling and digging. I was speaking of my inner battles, of my fears and troubles. As humans, I don’t think we can all ever be completely peaceful. Some way or the other we are bound to be wrangled with our anxieties, depression, insecurity, overboard expectations and pain. It is almost like this is a never-ending path and more often than not, it seems as if we are always just moving in circles and circles.

There is also another side to it.

Just as you are fighting your battles, it is necessary for you to acknowledge that the people around you are fighting their own wars, healing their own scars and broken hearts. In a situation like this, it is really wrong of you to go around imposing your difficulties and your battle strategies on everyone else. We all have our own way of fighting and getting back up. What works for you might really end up hurting someone else. We can’t tell anyone how to live, can we? Even if we think what they are doing for themselves is something really absurd, we don’t have the right to go and stop them. Everyone has the right to go through their own process at their own pace.

When you are in pain- not the kind when you are stressed or get a wound or scratch off a little skin or when your whole body aches- the kind of pain that wakes you up at 2AM, strikes your soul and rips your heart apart into a million pieces, the kind that makes you feel the fear of it all- of oblivion, of darkness, of life, of death and makes you want to surrender yourself to whoever or whatever lies beyond… When you experience the kind of pain which makes you want to turn a blind eye to everything around you and within you, it’s not easy to bring yourself out of it and get back into the world with your heart on your sleeve. But a lot of us are brave. We have picked up ourselves from that gooey mess at once, haven’t we all? I have. I learned to find my peace in the silence of the night, in the slow, silent stream of tears, in the little flickering light on the ceiling, in the cocoon of the warm blanket. I fought my battles and here I am and so are you.

Finding peace within oneself is not about always being happy. It is not about never getting hurt or being in pain. Rather, it is getting to see the light of it all through the black clouds; it is about learning to love and live through it all. It is also not about running away from troubles and differences. It is about having the courage to sit down and talk it through. It is not about complaining about the things we have and don’t have in life, rather it is accepting life as it is and believing that there are always better things, better plans, better people and better places than where we are right now. Furthermore, accepting life as it is, and with it, accepting everything that life throws at us and acknowledging reality for what it is and expectations for what they are is a feat in itself.

“Peace in the world begins from the peace within you.” While saying this, it is also essential for you to know that it is okay. It is okay that you fail at times. It is okay that you miss the bus or the plane. It is okay if you break a few bones, scratch a little skin. It is okay if you lose a love and scar your heart. It is okay if a loved one dies. It is okay. It is okay because you are a survivor. And, there is so much left for you to see and learn before you actually give up. When you know that it is okay, you will know how to find peace within yourself, and when you do the world itself will become a little more peaceful than it was before.

Come with me. Let’s stand together and remember the hurtful, painful, disastrous things that life has led us through. Let’s go through them one by one steadily and let it grow in our hearts that we survived. For once, let’s not lash out at each other for the things we failed at. For once, let’s let it be; let’s let it go. I won’t speak a word with you and you won’t utter a sound either, and yet, in that silence, I will tell you a thousand stories and listen to your thousand more. The stories of our battles will weave together and build a beautiful book of peace.

Mamina Shrestha Receiving her prize from Bishnu Khadka, Director of Nexus Consultancy

receiving prize

Question and Answer with Mamina

1. What do you feel after being one of the winners of Wordism Final?
–> Other than the excitement of being one of the winners of the Wordism Final, I am also equally honored and feel grateful for having got the chance of a wonderful experience.

2. What do you think about wordism competition?
–> I think this is an important competition for the youth the country which does not only helps them uncover their talents but also lets them express freely through words and brings about important realizations on life and beyond by the help of different topics.

3. Anything you want to say to those reading this?
–> I want to thank all readers and writers of the Youth Legend Nepal family for always motivating good writing and coming up with good words all the time. Thank you!

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