“This platform is really a great opportunity to showcase your passion and make other feel lively.”

Avishek Shrestha September 27, 2016

“A huge gratitude and respect to the YL Nepal team who came up with this incredible idea of motivating Nepalese youths to expose their creativity via ‘The power of words’. By the time when Nepalese young writers/bloggers are jotting down their thoughts and feelings and struggling hard for the exposure, Wordism contest is really a great opportunity/platform for them.”

Gopal Poon Magar September 27, 2016

“I am really grateful to YL Nepal for this opportunity. I look forward to participate in such competitions in future as well. I also thought that YL Nepal could be a great platform to share what I had written down. The competition is an excellent method to motivate people to share their thoughts. I thank and congratulate YL Nepal team for this initiative.”

Apekshya Rimal September 28, 2016

Avini Dixit, International Connector

“Thank you YL Nepal for showing me the way. Opportunities float right past your nose. Grab it and change your world right now.
‘You set the standard’, said my heart when i was presented as the example for other youths for 2nd think tank. Hearing my country’s name loud in front of other youths representing different countries was an amazing and proud moment for me. Yes, It wouldn’t have been possible without my hard-work and determination.”

Avini Dixit September 28, 2016

Always be connected to YL Nepal; the best organization in the whole nation which gives you so much of opportunity to express your hidden talent.

Kritik Rawal November 15, 2016

“Now, I am the part of a company in USA; International Connector because of the opportunity provided by Youth Legend. I am grateful for Youth Legend for providing us an opportunity to represent Nepal and Nepalese culture.”

Shilpa Bhandari March 7, 2017

I recently got to work as an international writing fellow. The YL Nepal team has shown relentless perseverance in making sure that every available opportunity is at the tips of the fingers of Nepali youth. And because of this I recently got to work as an international writing fellow. It was an awesome experience! And I am definitely following the YL web page closely to make sure that I don’t miss out in the future. Thank you YL team!

Sneha Pandey March 7, 2017

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