Opportunity for Nepali Youth to participate in Global Think Tank on Food

We are very excited to announce this super amazing opportunity for Nepali young people aged 17-19 years.

You will be part of the virtual think tank of International Connector,San Francisco based company. You will share Nepal’s story of food, personal experience and contribute in the research of biggest research institute in the world Institute for Future.

Do you care about food?
Do you like to eat a special food from your country?
Do you grow food? Or work in a Food Store?
Has food affected your health?
Is it something that you have a hard time accessing?
Is food part of how you celebrate?
Are you on a special diet?
Any connection or interesting relationship to food.

This is an amazing opportunity for you to:

– Share your personal stories from your part of the world about food
– Meet an exceptionally talented group of peers globally
– Interact with professionals at both Institute for the Future and International Connector
– And get paid for participation!

Youth Legend’s CEO Sudha Subedi will be choosing the best candidate from Nepal for this program. Sudha looks over Global Strategy and is also a Millennial Catalyst in International Connector.

Right now, you will be part of this project only, but once you have a connection to International Connector, you will be reach out to for other opportunities in future too.

You will be paid based on performance between US$25-$75 AND also there are some bonus prizes.

Time commitment is approximately 3 hours – 3 visits to the think tank during May 18-22.

Deadline to Apply: May 8, 2016
Selection Result: May 10, 2016

To apply, please email us at youthlegendnepal@gmail.com:
(a) Name,
(b) Nationality,
(c) Age (official document to prove that your age is 17-19 years)
(d) Mobile and Skype information,
(e) your story about why you are connected to food.(To share your story, you can also create a video or have it in written form)

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