Our team is committed to create and share life changing, valuable opportunities for you.

There is a gap between opportunity creator and opportunity seeker in Nepal. Therefore, We want to bridge this gap.

We will share both global and local opportunities for you which includes competitions, fellowships, funded programs etc.

Our team will not just share opportunities, we will also create opportunities for you. We organize camps, competitions, workshops regularly for Nepali youths.

There is lack of awareness among Nepalese youth about various existing opportunities and even if they are shared opportunities, most of them would think – “This is not for me. I am not good enough to get selected for these opportunities.” This was our recent experience. When we wanted to find one Nepali youth aged 17-19 years for a project of San Francisco based company(which our team believed as a great opportunity), we had very less participation of young people.

We realized that there is a lack of awareness, confidence and guidance for Nepali young people. We want to bridge that gap. We will be organizing various workshops on “Grabbing Opportunities and traveling the world”. Subscribe us to get all the amazing opportunities directly in your email.

If you are a college/University representative and you want us to conduct such workshops in your colleges then feel free to contact us.

We don’t want you to miss any opportunities.

You can also contact us sharing what kind of opportunities you want in your life, we will be happy to hear you and try our best to make it happen.

Now, go and explore opportunities. 🙂

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