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Writer: Suresh

Urban life these days has become pretty hectic. People do lots of activities all days but most of these tasks being a part of routine schedule, people do not find interesting doing the same thing everyday at all. I believe i am not only the one who has gone through such experience. I personally think that it is always a good idea to escape out of this monotonous lifestyle sometimes and i was desperately seeking for involvement in some recreational activities as I was getting so dumb and dull. And I am happy for something that happened as per my wish last Saturday.

I got an invitation to participate in hiking program from one of my friends at YL. Hiking destined for Indrathan, which is located at high altitude of hill located at North-West of the main city of Kathmandu. I was excited as it was new place for me and first hiking. I was excited and my excitement didnt turn into disappointment. I made it.
Our hiking started from Kaharey. It was fun and pleasant feeling to walk along the steep path taking us to our destination. After the hike of about one and half hour we were able to reach at Indrathan, our destination. We were exhausted but beautiful sceneries, light breeze and calm ambience made us forget our tiredness. Getting to know some new friends and walking together , sharing each others experience was amazing experience in itself and we were not aware about the hike up to the top actually took that long time. A feeling of holiness and sacredness felt inner peace at second Manakamana temple at the top. All of these feeling was the real tonic , which made everyone of us cheered. Meanwhile, it was the prideful moment for me to get to know about the triumph and the place of cemetery of one of the legend from our glorious history, Sir Kalu Pandey. I didnt know before that his cemetery belonged there.

During the descent I got to enjoy interesting games introduced the leader of the entire event. The game was informative and entertaining as well. But way down the place called Switzerland Dada was really in bad condition. The vision used to be foggy with dust with movement of vehicles. But sooner there was another beautiful Monastry at Naikap dada. The monastry has beautifully architecture with peaceful and beautiful surrounding adding to its enthralling beauty and finally me and the group reached down the bus stop towards the evening, which was the end of the event for the day.

I really enjoyed the trip and it has been one of the unforgettable moments in my life.
At last i would like to thank my friend Anjana and her team for letting me join them and earn such an amazing experience.

If you wanna see more photos from the hike, see our facebook album: Click here

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