It was New Year’s Eve – Shreeya Bhomjan Tamang, Runner Up, Wordism S3, Chaitra

As the tree branches were getting their lost love back, I was also wet with rain of happiness. Maybe that is what we call spring. Maybe, me being happy, the tree being united with their one true love was all part of the changes that occur in spring. I was slowly getting the things that I used to wish for every morning. I was selected for the student exchange program and I was going to Jaipur. It had been my dream from the moment I joined St. Xavier’s. The dream that had been living inside me from 2 years was now a reality. And this was the biggest achievement in the life of Abigyan Thapa till date. Everything was perfect until I got a text from Samira Shakya.
Samira, the mystery girl. We were the batch of 2015 from our very own Everest School. She was always wandering through here and there, knowing everything about everyone but not letting anyone know about her. Not her name, address, favorite color, and food but her trues elf. But things were different with me. She trusted me with her weird yet chilling fantasies. She trusted me how she didn’t believe on meaning of family. She never wanted a family. she was planning to run away right after completing high school. To the place nobody knew who she was and people who will not stop her from moving. Stability was never her choice. She was in love with speed as much as I was in love with her.

Yes, I was in love with her. I could easily confess her what I felt. But I never did because of what she wanted. She wanted to be the kite whose strings were no longer attached to its strings and I didn’t want to be the hand to catch the kite by confessing me love for her. Even my confession wouldn’t have stopped her from chasing after her dreams, so yeah I am rationalizing. We passed school and enrolled in different colleges. Like she had planned, she cut off all people and all friends from her life. I had never thought that would include me too. Maybe because she sensed I loved her and was afraid that I will be tied to her for the rest of eternity.

I was suddenly awakened by my mother’s voice,” Abigyan, either go inside your room or sit somewhere. Don’t stand in middle like you are a pillar or something.” Being an obedient son, I went inside my room and typed,” Hey, how are you?” but I wanted to reply I miss you and I love you. I wanted to tell her how sad I was when she left me. but I didn’t want to sound desperate. She replied and I noticed she replied fast than usual. She only used to respond to texts fast when she had to finish something or when she was about to start something. I didn’t know which one I was, the start or the end. Finally, after texting for one hour,” lets meet soon.” said Samira. “Purano Adda” I replied. “Friday, 4:30”. “Will be there” and then seen but no reply. Tuesday, still two days to meet Samira. Wednesday, Thursday and BINGO! Friday. I was more excited than walking to the noticeboard to see the name list of the students selected for exchange program. Because as long as I have known her, she doesn’t belong to the person who is first to ask person to meet her.

I was standing right aside the Redmud Café before the clock strike at 4:30 PM. I was waiting for her. When I had a final check on how I looked I realized that I forgot to wear the shirt that she had gifted me on my birthday. After restlessly waiting for 30 minutes I saw her. There she was clad in flannel, skinny jeans, and sneakers and flipping her caramel brown hair which were still black in my imagination. The dialogue that I had practiced standing outside cafe were all swallowed by the moment. The moment when the girl who was so lost in waving to her long lost friend a smile was hit by the car which brakes were failed.

One week later, on new year’s eve, my phone rang, a phone call. I picked the call, a tired and hopeless male voice,” Doctors said we can see her now…and they have shifted her to Room no. 243.” “Okay, I’m coming.” This was Samira’s dad. The owner of the car was now on police custody. I rushed to the hospital. I borrowed a friend’s bike and reached hospital. Just outside room. 243 Samira’s father was standing. “Uncle, where is she?”
“she is inside. Doctors told me stay out, they have some test.”
“Ohh”, I nodded.
“She doesn’t remember me.” My eyes met the teary eyes of her dad. He continued,” she doesn’t remember me, Abi. She lost her memory. She doesn’t…” he almost fell to the ground. I didn’t know what to think about at that time. The doctor came out of the room with the permission to go inside. I stood in front of her. her eyes which no longer knew mine stared a stranger; me. Her dad patting her head,” Beta, he is Abigyan. I told you, right? you always told us that he is your best friend and favorite person in the world, remember?” Samira just shook her head. Phone rang and her father stepped out of the room. She, on a different tone than her sound,” You know everything about me. Will you help me be what I was before? Will you help me get my memory back? Please!”. “Sure Samira, we will all try our best to help you get your memory back” she smiled. I agreed to help her even though I didn’t want to. She had forgot everything she ever wanted to do, she had also forgotten her plan to run away from her family and me. Maybe this time god will not do injustice to me. I had this gut feeling that God will not do injustice to me this time because when I told her about the things she liked, she told that she didn’t like those things now.

She wasn’t really the person that I had last seen coming towards Redmud café. Her accident was of help to me. I would’ve cried if something had happened to her, if I had lost her in a way that I cannot see her for the rest of eternity. But I could see her, I could be with her. I loved her even though when she didn’t remember me. I could be with her and that was the thing that mattered to me more than any ethics. This new year of 2076, I was gifted Samira. And with the start of the new year I will create new memories with her.

Question answer with Shreeya

1. Tell us more about you.

I am a person who loves to fantasize. Reading novels, travelling, learning new languages, night walks, gazing into stars and singing regardless of bad voice are some of my hobbies.

2. What was your thought when you apply to Wordism competition?

Taking part in a writing competition (except essay writing in school) has always been on my bucket list. I am thankful to yl Nepal for helping me to check off my bucket list.

3. What are your dreams and aspiration?

I have always dreamt of being the best seller of Nepali literature. and be happy with what I have achieved. Another thing that I dream of is to chill in Maldives someday.

4. How do you feel being the Wordism Runner Up of Chaitra

It feels great. Participating in this competition was all about completing a bucket list but now that my story is the top 5 stories for the month of Chaitra, it inspired me to keep writing.

5. Anything you want to say about who is reading this!

Hey, whoever is reading this, I would like to tell them to stop waiting for a miracle to happen and start appreciating the little moments. The little moments which will give you a big wide smile when you will be 75 years old, sitting in a chair and thinking what your life was all about.

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