National Play Writing Competition


Deadline for play submission: August 28, 2016

Nowadays, most of the theater groups are mostly performing Nepali adaptations of foreign plays, staging original Nepali plays has become a rarity.   Therefore, NG Group, a youth-led team of artist, has announced a nation-wide play writing competition titled ‘National Play writing Competition’ to encourage Nepali writers to submit original Nepali plays. The motive of the competition is to encourage Nepali writers to contribute original materials.

Program Process:

In the first phase, writers are to submit a 1000 word short play, which could be either in English or Nepali by the above mentioned deadline. The submitted plays will be judged by actor/director Anup Baral, writer Anbika Giri and writer Upendra Subba.


The ten shortlisted playwrights will attend a master class with Indian playwright Mahesh Dattani to polish their plays.

The top three plays will be published as a book by Shangri-La Books.

The winning play will be produced on stage.

For more information about the competition, Click Here

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