Months Hero – Sunil K.C, “I dream to bring grassroots Nepali minds and youth into national and global mainstreams”

Sunil KC, Nepalese Youth, Months Hero

We, Nepalese, here, moan about poor parents not being able to send their children school thus, breeding a failure future of theirs and there, in the other face of the Earth, people drop out of high schools and colleges and become insanely successful afterwards. No duh, aren’t you already thinking of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg or the genius school drop-out Albert Einstein? Well, what if such college drop-out is here in our country too paving his path to the road of success?

None other than Sunil K.C, the CEO of Asian Institute of Diplomacy and International Affairs, AIDIA, founded it on March 11, 2014. The 25 year old head honcho of AIDIA is a Nepali young social activist, lyricist and a media figure who practices empowerment through youth advocacy, who has recently organized Annual economic diplomacy conference, biggest conference in Nepal from private sector and the first economic diplomacy conference in South Asia.

At the young age of 11, K.C started a volunteering service in a local FM station in Ghorahi Dang as a reporter and news presenter. Though being a juvenile, he was wise enough to raise voice against recruitment of under 18 teens in the maoist soldiers during the insurgency period after which the then maoist leader of Dang was compelled to send all of them back home within the next 24 hours. “That made me very popular there”, smiles he with contentment. Also been a producer and director of the social documentary “Ready, Willing and Able ” (, Mr. KC is now carrying his own research so as to establish the first International Affairs College of Nepal and is monitored with the help and support of Sunil’s International Academic Network.

One liner with Sunil

LIFE: It is a journey full of experience.
LOVE: Love is an inextricable part of life for it has a nail-flesh relationship with it.
HAPPINESS:Happiness is to keep people around you satisfied.
MONEY: A supporting factor to move ahead and take a new step.
DIPLOMACY: It is an art of negotiation for doing a good business.
Entrepreneurship: It’s not only about selling products but about selling your ideas building an intellectual entrepreneurship for sustainability.
LEADER: Leader is the guardian who guides and needs to be visionary.
POLITICSIt is a social service.
PERSON I ADMIRE MOST: Lee Kuan Yew( former prime-minister of Singapore), Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Jack Ma (Chinese entrepreneur and philanthropist)
BEFORE I DIE: I would like to see no foreign domination or interference over Nepalese and our national issues.


1. How do you define yourself?

I am for the people and for the country. I am one of the most passionate men in foreign relation.

2. What made you drop out of colleges so often?

I was never content with the education technique of any school or college I got enrolled in. What is the use of education if it’s just a matter of copy-paste? So I dropped out of Pokhara university, and many other colleges of Nepal and India too.

3.Despite being offered so many wonderful education courses, why do you deny them?

You don’t have to go to college or get a degree to be a success. Invest the time and money you spend on loitering on the copy-paste education system over something that has all your passion and dedication and make sure to give it all your hard toil, then you’ll be a success. I believe firmly in this so I rejected the education courses I was offered as I correctly fit in what I’m doing.

4. How did you get into being a song writer?

Oh! It’s got a different story here. The fact that I couldn’t cherish my love forever got me to write songs for her that, to my happiness, got appreciated by the music industry and by now, I have written about a dozen songs just for her.

5. If you have to recall all your works till date, what major deeds fit in the list?

I founded a Greenary Youth Club in my native village Kachili and did various social works and served as a President over five years. In 2009, I founded the Youth Foundation Nepal Organization (YFN) aiming to establish Sustainability Peace and Development in Nepal by connecting together young leaders all around the globe.
I have also worked as a youth consultant for various organizations for West Africa and South Africa and a Asia Editor of Africa based News “Awake Africa”( and a Special Assignment Editor for the Arab based first English Magazine “Diplomatic Insight”( I have had the privilege of being a Country Director of Planet Diplomat,Nepal Chapter a Global Think Tank( I am also associated with the International Youth Congress (USA), Peace Alliance (USA), Inter Nation (Worldwide) and Youth Millennium Development Ambassador(YMDA).

6. What are your dreams?

I don’t only want to extend Nepali relationships abroad but to increase understanding and communication between developed states and emerging countries like ours by bringing international affairs to discuss in our own land.
Let’s think this way, how about we create a think tank and bring global figures in our country to discuss over global issues rather than just discussing our national issues and agendas abroad? I dream to bring grassroots Nepali minds and youth into national and global mainstreams.

7. What is your next big project?

We are going to launch a track two project on September 12 in Kathmandu where all of the SAARC former heads will be partaking and discussing on the two day conference on hydropower and tourism subsequently. And there are a lot of projects and events we are going to work in the days to come both nationally and globally.

8.What is the biggest challenge that you see in Nepalese youths?

The biggest challenge they are facing is them not being able to discover their passion, not being able to change their mindset and always trying to follow western ideas rather than creating their own essence.

8.What is your Life-mantra?

Working hard and making people satisfied and continuing the hard work is my life-mantra.

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