LOVE IS LIFE, Jebish Prajapati, Runner Up, Magh 2074

“Where there is love; there is life”. This quote by Mahatma Gandhi describes the meaning of love and what it represents in life. Life, as we all know, is full of uncertainties; you never know what lies ahead. But love isn’t one of the uncertainty, you are bound to fall for somebody no matter how hard you try to distance yourself from it. In life, you are bound to love somebody who defines your life shapes it and leaves an indelible imprint bringing a man out of a boy. So love and life are so inextricably and naturally linked to each other. Thus, love is life. And if you miss love, you miss life.

Love in it’s purest sense can be considered both as a myth and as a fact. Either you love or you don’t. There’s nothing in between no vacuum and your life is bound to be attached to it. Love for some so holy and divine but also evil and devilish for others shows both sides of life i.e. exhilarating or excruciating, triumph or tragedy. In simple paradox; love either blesses you or curses you and that remains for a lifetime like a tattoo on your skin.

Just like life, love to is boundless, limitless and timeless. Love for everything we do or say lies in simplicity. A mother bearing the pain of her unborn baby; its love in a simple and purest sense. A father working 24 hours pouring every ounce of energy and sweat just to make sure his children sleep happily this is love. An elder sibling sacrificing her hunger and a piece of bread for her young siblings this is the definition of love. Love in its simplest and rudimentary form gives purity and tranquility in life.

Love has a different entity as well, loving somebody having different genes or heredity from your family gives life a very different lesson altogether.

Loving someone who you don’t relate so deeply, passionately, wildly gives life an different dimension. Just like we don’t search god, it’s the same with love.

Love has no boundaries, no limits, no age, no caste it strikes you at a breakneck speed trying to pass you by and if you get hold of it caress it, that love will always be yours if not it haunts you forever. Love gives you the meaning of life it makes you value it treasure it. Love just like life does not come easily. To make someone you love yours you have to graft, toil, sacrifice, bleed.etc. If you are willing to do the hard yard, in the end what you crave you want will always be yours.

The definition of love in today’s modern generation is blurred. We young teenagers don’t define love as a sacred thread but as a fashionable trend.

Going on a fancy date in a luxurious location, traveling in high-speed motorbikes or worse enough kissing and attaching with someone just to quench your sexual thirst just destroys the essence of love. We, young hipsters, don’ t have a knowledge of what love is. Love is thread shared by two soulmates which require patience, understanding, commitment, devotion and sacrificing for each other. It requires loving each other when you find difficult to love yourself. The love which contains every bit of romance, joy, happiness, triumph as well as tears, pain, heartbreak and tragedy in equal measure defines its true meaning. Holding each other’s hands, looking into each other’s eye once you are old, withered and saying ” we’ve made it”; it fulfills the epitome of life and gives you ultimate triumph and happiness.

As the saying goes ” it’s the ending that defines both your love story and your life”. Every pain, heartbreak fades into the oblivion if through dusk and dawn you remain forever into one another’s heart and soul. Here’s to all the lovers out there, love with passion, vigor and devotion and life will always have a happy ending. Finally signing off with a touch of romance and reality;
” Love; like life itself is so insecure. It moves in our lives and occupies space in our hearts so easily. But it never guarantees that it will stay there forever. Probably; that’s why it is so precious.”

[ PS: Dedicated to my soulmate]

With regards;
Jebish Prajapati.

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