Love as art of living

Love is a flower that blooms where dedication, affection, care, support, applause, patience, advices and others likewise are irrigated. Love is omnipresent. Ranging from the microbes to giant organisms, there exists love for someone or something. A desert plant takes harsh and complicated environment as a reliable place to grow. Love doesn’t distinguish the good or bad, suitable or unsuitable and easy or difficult. Love is really beautiful as sacred mountains, as an innocent baby, as a lotus blooming as a paragon of beauty in the mud and as much as the pain when a mother realizes when her children faces some tragedy. What really can delineate about love perfectly from all glances? Some forms of love but as a drop of water in the massive ocean:
1. A baby bird pursues the art of flying because it loves the way its elders and parents fly ( Dedication),
2. A mother who had already prepared dinner is awaiting for her alcoholic husband in the monotonous night being ignorant about the pains she had confronted yesterday (Patience )
3. An underdog student thinks life is not about survival but it is all about strive and thus marches towards perpetual hard work to ensure his aims and destination even in the hordes of difficulty (Dedication).
4. Volunteers imparting free services to add some relief in the pathetic conditions of poor or disabled persons, (Sense of Humanity)
5. Without considering the hunger challenging in its own stomach, a mother bird realizes about the hunger of its children and gathers food for them (Care)
6. A child scolded several times turns deaf ear towards parent and teacher and continues to play the game (Attraction)
7. Why martyrs had sacrificed their life for the prosperity of country forsaking all personal wishes and materialistic happiness? ( Patriotism)

Love is nebulous which can neither be seen nor be demonstrated. Nowadays there is the propensity of adding fragrance by writing feelings in the form of love letter, providing gifts and wishes, celebrating Valentine’s Day and so on. A dead sheet of paper occupied by soulless words about love is compelled to hover around the complex area of love by lovers. Some even try to forsake their life in the name of love. But it is not mandatory that your love must be understood by all. There is nothing more beautiful in this world than loving whole heartedly beyond the walls of selfishness and self-regards. A lover doesn’t measure the amount of love. Lover does not sell his/her love like a shopkeeper who only invests being regardless of income. Lover is a person possessing courage and gallantry of sacrifice; lover is selfless who knows the value of love, a holy and true love.

“Love is when the other person’s happiness is more important than your own.”- H. Jackson Brown. Love is actually a skill of living. A person who doesn’t have accumulated senses of dedication, care, support, sacrifice and so on can’t proceed in the race of life. If you can appreciate the value of something, then you can love. Optimism and hopes exist and carry a glamorous position in a person’s mind because of his/her love towards something and someone. We are here to love and to strengthen the bond between us planting the sense of fraternity among us. So why should we not initiate loving the birds hovering in the sky, children playing, old couples smiling with jaws of no teeth, a barking dog, a river following relentlessly, a flower vase and so on. We have lots of thing to love and lots of love in our heart to impart for some one. Let’s celebrate Valentine Day of 2018 with a spirit of sacred love and spread rays of love as far as possible.

Writer: Nischal Bhandari

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