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Local Election

Roles of Youth in Local Election – Youth Opinion

The government of Nepal has declared that local elections will be held on 31st of Baisakh, 2074 B.S. Last Local Elections were held about 18 years ago. The then honorary Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuwa couldn’t continue the process of new elections showing the threat of Maoists and other political conflicts thus the then King Gyanendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev dumped him as the Prime Minister and held the elections himself after three years. Since it was held under the tyrannical rule of the King, many political parties did not take part in that election.

To realize the real daily needs and problems of citizens this election is very important than the election of Constituent Assembly. The political stability of Nepal has always been disturbing that is why people have not been able to feel the real meaning of democracy even after being as a republic nation. For example, people who were born on around 2040 B.S have not voted in a local election which is a large time period.

What would be the responsibilities of the youth in local elections specially that has been pending for 18 years? To know if youths know their responsibility I interviewed some students studying at Kathmandu University.

Sajal Poudyal – Computer Science in 1st yearlocal-election

“I couldn’t vote in the constituent assembly election but I am very excited about this one. I made my voter ID card as soon as the Election Commission asked people to register their names and I have already booked my ticket to go home and select my candidate. Among the flocking seeking our votes are selfish politicians whose family is safe but want us to foment trouble should their interest be threatened by election results. We must reject these politicians who ask us to cause violence”.

“I have seen such politicians in real but we must have the will and send a strong signal to proponents of violence.”

Bibash Gurung – Environment Science in 2nd yearlocal-election
“This election is very important for all Nepalese people because the problems we face, the needs we cannot fulfill due to various reasons are very easily known to the candidates and they also have faced it. Every youth should go back to their hometown and know their candidates because it helps to choose the good candidate. They should be heavily engaged in the elections because it involves their Ward and their Municipality’s development directly”.

Shreeja Lopchan – Environmental Engineeringlocal-election

“The political actors have awakened and will probably convince us why we should vote for them. The social media sites have been filled with favoritism and agog with campaign and programs of candidates. But the truth is we have been failed by the political parties many times, who have continued to tell us why they were the best candidate then. Youth need to realize if we are traveling the same road again if we have any duty to make it a success of not. Thus, every youth have to explore the population and live up to the billing”.

Ashesh Bhattarai – Mechanical Engineering in 2nd year local-election

“Well, youths are responsible for the development of any nation. They ought to be engaged in this election because a single vote matter. We are getting closer to that time again. The time we need to use our hands to change our country’s destiny. The judgment day is near when we will have to choose our destiny until the next election so it is very important that youths know their candidate well before promoting them. I am not trying to promote Ranju Darshana but she has been a perfect example for all the youth who are concerned about the nation. She has inspired many including the ones in abroad ”.

Who are youth? We are talking about the adults from ages 18 to 45 usually. Generally, this age group decides the fate of the nation. In previous elections, Nepalese youth have been able to change even the form of government not only once but twice. We have become a republic nation only because of the youth. We have been failed by politicians previously many times. We cannot afford to make the mistake again this time, for any mistake we make this time will haunt until the next election. It is pity that we live in the internet age and do not follow news about the elections.

During the discussion, I found many students not registering themselves for the local election voter ID card. Young people should vote to develop a habit of voting from the start, and thus ensure a high turnout and while we are agitating on the social media, we should be ready to cast our votes for the preferred candidates. The youth must be ready to accept to be responsible for the election month. Voting is the only form of participation in which each citizen has an equal say. By voting, youth have the same ability as others to exercise political influence or pressure. Participation in elections ensures the faithful representation of the popular will Let us not be blinded by ethnicity or religion like we have been in the past and concentrate on change, progress, development, and any candidate that cannot promise us to take forward should be shown the exit through our votes. Jay Nepal!!


Writer: Injal Bhattarai

With an aim of being a scientist, I joined KMC after SLC and then Kathmandu University for Undergraduate.I am currently studying BSc Environmental Science here. I love people criticizing me because of this I know my mistakes and then I get a chance to correct myself. I am an arsenal fan, a proud one actually and may be because of this even my parents call me a gunner. I am very passionate about writing because I think the pen is the most dangerous thing a man has made. I sing as well, singing is my passion.

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