A letter is not enough to express my love by Subij Shakya, Wordism Runner-up


February 2017

We need no salutations.

We share an intangible bond, tethered to our hearts. We’ve known each other for all of my life.

My words will never be enough to express my love for you, but I continue writing and hope that a fraction of it may materialize into these words. For your love has taught me the very meaning of ‘love’, an emotion so profound and abstract that I cannot imagine it being seamlessly crammed into a letter. Yet I write and redundantly say that I love you. Mamu, I love you.

Love is meant to be unadulterated and selfless. You’ve shown me that such love exists to this day. Whether it’s in the stressful late nights of my examinations or the joyful ephemeral moments of my small achievements, you’ve always been there for me. You’ve been there when I got my braces, when I worked late into the night on the last day of my vacation to finish off a month’s worth of homework, whenever I strayed.

You’ve been there and put up with me as a young brat.
You’ve encouraged me when I was a socially awkward teenager.
And as a young man, you continue to guide me.
Your love continues to show me that the world is a place worth living in, and worth fighting for.

Love is such a powerful and inspiring emotion. Your love has made me more compassionate. It has inspired me to work arduously and think not only for myself but for others. You’ve taught me to speak with kindness and love. You’ve taught me to strive for happiness and benevolence. As a student pursuing his pre-clinical studies of medicine, your love inspires me more than the countless lectures of teachers ever will, to study so that I may one day share the bounty of love and compassion you’ve showered onto me. I hope to make you proud one day.

I’m not very good at expressing my emotions. Mamu, I know I don’t say it enough. I love you. I know I irk you by leaving my room messy or by sleeping with the lights on. I know that you are the only one that will put up with me and how weird I can be at times.

You are the epitome of love. A love so profound, that it overflows onto me and everyone around you. An eternal love; the love between a mother and her child. So I end this letter with a final redundant ‘I love you’.

Your babu

Question and Answer with Subij

1. Tell us more about you.

My name is Subij Shakya. I am currently pursuing my pre clinical medical studies at Kathmandu Medical College. I am an artist at heart and I believe that the beauty of art can be found in all aspects of life.

2. What was your thought when you apply to Wordism competition?

I became aware of the wordism competition via facebook. I believe it is an excellent platform for writers.

3. What are your dreams and aspiration?

First of all, I aspire to develop myself as a good human being. I want to pursue my medical career and provide compassionate care as well as service to patients. I would also like to keep my passion for writing and the arts alive.

4. Anything you want to say who is reading this!

Keep the embers of your passion alive. Never let it die down. Discover your own strengths and weaknesses, then pursue your dreams and passions without any regret.

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