Let’s break up! Prasuma Magarati, runner up, Poush, 2074

Dear lonely striver,
Infinite greatfullness!

I am confused, should I wonder to the days we were together for. Your cheeks got blusy and lips to glossy. Your hands and my calms. To the stories, we shared in your bedroom and my allows. Our secrets that you promised, are gonna be ours and ours forever. When I used to lie in a headache and you used to hold me in your arms till I get asleep throughout the whole night. Till the dates I don’t remember there would be plans for every special day our first meet, first eye contact, approaches and kisses. I used to get bored and your songs.. aye been my lifeline. My every morning somedays were started by a red rose invitation. What would I seek for … your existence meant a world to me.. a world to me..!!

Or should I regret the day you snatched your bag and rushed after you got a phone call. You came home running with tears and hugged me so tight. I could feel the warmth I wanna beholded to the rest of my life. ” baby, I love you!” your words were shivering, I was nevertheless worried. I replied in a glance,  “I love you 2,3,4…… “. Our nights were cool under the sky, but what started happening to me.. my body couldn’t hold the late night stand. I could see my skin got over tanned and eyes got swollen. Huh…! how stupid I was, I thought to be a climate change effect.

I was on cloud 9 when you took me to my very dream place for ice skating. I was fearless holding your hands. When I closed my eyes and demanded nonsence and how ur kiss made me enlightened. Every night we used to roam and you lifting me in your arms. It was strange when you used to take me to hospital more than a twice, convincing for a regular checkup. Who knew; my world were you and the rest of all was blind. Do you remember; I used to show my fallen bundles of hair in dismay..!

Trashed.. shattered..

All of a sudden; you been in your office trip and medicinal bills on your cupboard.  my world was blank when I found that our regular checkups were more than a treatment. My calls for last days, Kimo not working for my pain. After you return back, I will be lying in bed dear heart. Hospitality to our cool nights and your hands to be felt in heaven. My wishes all been fulfilled, now I can sleep sound forever. I was having a bone marrow cancer and it was a secret.. to me myself.. how did you manage the sorrow on your own dear?. May I not be present to wipe your tears in my last stage, but do send me with love. I know someones been waiting for you for so long. go and roll in her arms. Our bond never expired indeed will be sacrificed. You and I been striving in different planets; trust me I will again come in your world and your existence.

It’s hard.. but till then.. let’s break up..!! let’s break up….!!

In your memories.

Question and Answer with Prasuma

1. Tell us more about you.

I am a 12th-grade student at CCRC and a striving VJ. I love writing, sketching, hosting and poetry. I am keen on photography.

2. What was your thought when you apply to Wordism competition?

It was a random thought and yeas I was excited to showcase myself among talented minds and growing thoughts.

3.What are your dreams and aspiration?

International platform to the new level of talent in every field to manipulate my confidence has been my aspiration. Indeed I dream to become an established VJ and a successful photographer.

4. How do you feel being the Wordism Runner Up for Poush?

Lucky month: my birth month. No offense I am much glad and motivated to write more at the same time very thankful to such a good platform.

5.Anything you want to say about who is reading this!

people externally judge you, remark you and make fake visions about you. The thing is you are more capable to judge you internally as well as externally. So go ahead and explore sth, that’s hidden inside you. Good luck..!

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