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I was waiting for your letter, my patience was losing patience but it looked your letter was meant for someone else.


Hadn’t been long since we met, it had just been quite one and one-fourth of the year since when we started conversation. September 4-2015, the day we met, we started with an official “Hello” and smiled at each other. It was not imperative for me to converse with you nor was it for you. But sometimes it’s said that ‘a single letter conversation leads to a compassionate relation.’ But not always compassionate too.

A studious boy was the title given to me by the fellows. I was never fond of love and relation and never thought of those things because I prioritized my academics. But, destiny led me to the place I never thought of and where I never wanted to be.

Every day, I used to scribble my diary since the day I met you. Though my emotions couldn’t be poured into my diary via words, I still wrote it. I portrayed your minor grace to your elegant smile. I wrote about your every unique attribute and after it was completed, I used to read it myself which triggered a glorious smile on my face.

I knew it was not infatuation but I even knew that I had a future to design. I knew that people had lot of expectations from me but my only expectation now was you. I was searching for opportunity to just talk to you; talk about simple things, share my emotions and feelings and just pour out my frustrations and anxieties. But………


It had already been 3 months since we started talking. By this time, I knew what your favorite food was, what you liked in dinner, why was white your favorite color, why you liked continental so much and plenty more things.

It was not only knowing about you, you too had explored a lot of facts about me. Even you knew why I hated talking to HER, you were aware that I did not like chocolates and you also realized that I was not alike others. Bond was strong but still wasn’t to a superlative degree. Maybe it wasn’t strong too.

When I used to stalk the posts, I used to find fascinating things of much humor but those were ephemeral when the messenger brought me to your message. I never gave more significance to anything because I knew that you were much more significant to me than those stuffs.

AUGUST 2016:

“Are you coming?”, she asked me. I said, “Perhaps”. She had already messaged me to come to The St Louis Lounge so as to cherish the time and enjoy the Friendship’s Day. But I didn’t go. I didn’t go because I was writing my LETTER. I was writing about how close we had come in just 9 months or so. I was writing about the first argument we had. I was writing plenty more things.

“How’s he?,” she showed me a photograph ; an image of a lad, of about sixteen. I laughed and replied, “Who’s he?”. Desperately, she uttered, “He’s nice”. I understood; I understood that……….


I had lost everything. It felt as if I kept on writing my LETTER, a letter to give to nobody. I still keep on wondering. I just remain frustrated that I couldn’t give you the LETTER of my love. I still regret of not expressing it before. I still….

I see you happy now. Perhaps, I hadn’t imagined that the LETTER wasn’t meant for you. I now realize that, we were just good allies and the content of my letter now turned into a fiction.
Even if I used to initiate the conversation, I didn’t get the reply I wanted from you. I knew that you were someone’s special now but I wanted your attention which I never got and couldn’t get in the future as well.

“This is the last letter from me. I know that I never expressed and I never could. But I really do. I REALLY LOVE YOU. I knew that you were the one for me but you didn’t . Time changed, situation too took its own way and you were gone. I am GONE now but I want you to live; live a prosperous life and never regret on anything. Good-bye”

The last LETTER I wrote. The last LETTER you read. The last breath I took.

Question and Answer with Suman

1. Tell us more about you.

Presently, I am studying at GEMS. A class 10 student who is fond of writing.

2. What was your thought when you apply to Wordism competition?

I knew about this competition through facebook and i just looked into it. The thing that fascinated me was the age limit. I was glad to compete with people who are higher in age than me and are more proficient. Competing with them may give me a lot of learning experience was the thought in my mind while applying.

3. What are your dreams and aspiration?

What ever I be in the future professionally, I want to be a good human. In the end, I want to be remembered not as a successful doctor or engineer or a pilot but a good person. 🙂

4. Anything you want to say who is reading this!

Don’t limit your writing in yourself but through your writing inspire others as well. Words can express a lot. Try to be the X-Factor that our society lacks. 🙂

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