Nepal, Land of Himalayas- Anupa Khanal, Wordism Runner Up, Mangsir

Located in the lap of Himalayas, Nepal is a country envied for its beauty by the people around the globe. The pristine natural beauty as well as the unique people possessing their distinct culture enhances the beauty to infinity. This country is a world in itself as diverse people share a common land. Though there are around 81.3% of the total populations following Hinduism there is no evidence of conflicts in the history of Nepal till this date. The diversity among people has not been a problem at all. Moreover they are exhibiting one specialty which has bonded all of us together that is a bond of Nepalese people. We are all Nepali after all. Nepali is our identity.
Our country Nepal has potentials in many aspects but we have been unable to utilize it. I personally feel that there are lots of people who give big talks in front of others sitting at a chiyapasal and talking about the unstable politics in the country but there only handful of people who step up for a change. We need those kinds of people who can mobilize the resources available and give support to the nation. Remittance is not what we need; we need the energized youths back to our own homeland. Foreign grant is not all we want; domestic support is important.

Ask a Nepali about their glorious moments. Undoubtedly, their answers would be the moment when they got to see their country as a Federal Democratic Republic and the constitution they got after long await. The 19 days from 24th Chaitra, 2062 to 11th Baisakh, 2063 were the days when arrogant Nepalese fought bravely for bringing democracy in the country putting their lives at stake. The same spirit we had 11 years ago is required for us now to change the nation.

Although we Nepalese have fallen a lot into the clutches of so-called politicians we always expect someone to come and drive us out from these problems but now it’s the time for revolutionary change. Let us all stand in favor of the change and drive the country in the path of development ourselves. Don’t hope anyone to come and change the status of our country.

And at last, the one thing that we all Nepalese are proud of is our glorious past and is certainly is also the reason why we all hold our head high. The bravery shown by our soldiers are worth being admired. Even the enemies adore them. So, let us do something for the sake of the thousands of lives that were spared for the nation .So, let’s step up from our cubicles and work together for a change that will bring smile on faces of all the Nepalese.


Question and Answer with Shishir

1.Tell us more about you

I’m a ninth grade student at LRI. I am fond of reading books and I want to express myself out through words.

2.What was your thought when you applied to Wordism competition?

I had been recently introduced to this competition by my sister. After I knew about the topic, I thought to give it a try.I was hopeful that I would get the runner up title.

3.What are your dreams and aspirations?

Well, I want to pursue my career in the dentistry field but I will never leave writing. I hope that one day I will be able to publish my book so that when I look back to my life in my seventies I will be proud that I could do something worthy.

4.How do you feel about becoming the Wordism Runner Up for the month of Mangsir?

It feels really good when you are appreciated for your work. Now, I am fully motivated to write more and more.

5. Anything you want to say for who is reading this!

Writing is the thing that can give you immense pleasure free of cost. Once you get into it, you will rarely feel lonely. So, start writing and it’s never too late for this.

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