“When they irritate me a lot then I just block them from messages which gives me relief.” by Kritik Rawal (Runner-Up, Wordism Competition)

Kritik Rawal- Wordism Competition Runner Up

Writer: Kritik Rawal

My Friends on Facebook

Many of us have account on Facebook. Today if people say free time then it means Facebook. Due to its popularity people love using it.

I being a teenage of 21st century love using facebook very much. Daily I see facebook posts. Unlike others I spend my less time on facebook. Using facebook is very fun as it provides entertainment. When I was in class six I started using facebook. The day I created my account I was addicted into it. Since then it has been like my friend.

Using facebook is awesome. But unless there are friends. The more number of friends the more it will be fun. Posts becomes attractive only when there are more number of likes and comments which is possible only when there are many friends. Taking about my friends on facebook there are not much as comparing to my other friends. There are nearly thousand friends on my facebook. The first person whom I made friend was my father. Excluding my family members and relatives very few are there who are close to me whom I can count on my hand. At the beginning when I started my facebook I had made many friends who were unknown to me. I had even sent request to Messi, Villa and other stars which later on I came to knew that they were fake account. For some times I felt very proud because my friend list was long but the day came when they began to send viruses, unnecessary messages and some were such which shouldn’t be observed. So from that time I began to made friends only to those whom I am known. Today when I remember it I feel like laughing. For the sake of more likes still today some of my friends make those whom they have never seen.

When I talk about my facebook friends there is the combination of all types of friends. Some are very close to me, some are normal friends and some are just whom I know but are not close to me. The number of school’s friend is high in my friend list. Very close friend always chat with me and like my post/picture. We put very funny comments on each other posts. There are some friends whom I have not met after our school life was over but we always chat to each other and share our school feeling. Thanks to facebook for this. Other friends just to like each other’s post. My juniors and senior batches are not much close to me. Some friends are like my enemy whom we hate each other. But also we like each other’s posts. Talking about my family and relatives in my facebook friend list they are being more closed to me coz of facebook but sometimes they irritate me a lot. When they see online they think that I give damn to study and only use facebook. And they start to give me their lectures. But I give damn to it. Even my teachers don’t irritate me. When they irritate me a lot then I just block them from messages which gives me relief. So I chat with them only if something is important.

I believe that having more friends is important in facebook for being closer and also for other such as like getting more likes and comments. People have different reasons but I say that friends should be made to only whom we know. We must handle our friends properly.


Question and Answer with Kritik

1. Tell us more about you.

My name is Kritik Rawal. Currently I am studying in grade 12. I stay in Kalanki Kathmandu.

2. What was your thought when you apply to Wordism competition?

Firstly I thank YL Nepal for organing this beautiful competition. When I participated in this competation I thought that would be first but it showed me that I have to improve a lot. But I am very happy because I got a platform to express my view.

3. What are your dreams and aspiration?

My dream is to be an IT engineer and devlop IT sector in Nepal.

4. Anything you want to say who is reading this!

To those who are reading this I want to give short message that we must think high and respect our own thoughts.

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