Join 1st Diplomatic Circle Model United Nation (DCMUN) Nepal

With the concept of familiarizing youth with United Nations, its principle, working and procedures, International Relations, Diplomacy, Public Speaking and Current Affairs, Youth Legend, a social enterprise with the purpose of creating valuable impacts in the lives of young people, has initiated a three day event named as Diplomatic Circle Model United Nations (DCMUN). Youth Legend aims to create a positive impact in the lives of budding citizen around the world through empowerment, engagement, collaboration and awareness.

Youth Legend has initiated a three days event Diplomatic Circle Model United Nations (DCMUN) which is the academic simulation of the United Nations. Students form teams, are assigned and research a country, take on role as diplomats, investigate international issues, debate and develop solutions to world problems. MUN, having been started at the Harvard University in the 1950’s and expanding throughout the globe enables the participants to experience diplomacy. Youth Legend, aims to expand the wings of MUN circuit in Nepal to help young minds deal with the international relations and contemporary issues.

The Diplomatic Circle Model United Nations (DCMUN), happening on 28th-30th June, 2019 at the King’s College, Babarmahal, Kathmandu is inviting the scholars from all over the nation.

This Model UN conference is approved by and is in partnership with Asia Youth International Model United Nations (AYIMUN) 2019 to be held in Malaysia in August 2019 and Global Goals Model United Nations (GGMUN) 2019 to be held in Thailand in October 2019 itself. DCMUN is a platform where delegates can gain insight of the working of the United Nations (UN) and the dynamics of International Relations by assuming the role of a representative of a specific country and being part of the ongoing conversation revolving around relevant global issues which they try to solve through discussions, debates and cooperation.

The participating youths develop their debating skills by the orientation of researched based discussion, negotiating skills by strengthening critical thinking skills, and resolution writing skills by concluding the discussed global issue in favor of future world. So, it is a practice for involving today’s youths in an intellectual debate over global concerns. The debates will be recorded, resolutions will be drafted to publish and broadcast via national news associations.

Expected Participants

We are expecting 150+ participants from A-Level colleges as well as +2 Colleges along with Undergraduate colleges and most importantly SEE graduates. Our Executive Board members will be joining us from Nepal. As a part of the conference, we are inviting renowned figures to boost up the confidence and motivation of our participants.

Registration Fee: 3000 NRs (Includes Lunch, Certificate and just like the United Nations, we’ll also have socials; entertainment sessions for all the participants for refreshment and enjoyment.)


Each student assumes the role of a UN delegate. After months of researching the political, economic, and diplomatic realities and stances of their chosen countries, students are invited to the Model United Nations conference for intimate briefings with the very diplomats they will be representing. This is all in preparation for the culminating conference, which brings together all delegates over three days to represent countries throughout the world. Recreating the structure of the UN, students work in committees to debate their position on today’s most pressing global issues with the collaboratively and creatively passing resolutions.


Through participating in Model UN, students emerge as leaders, having been exposed to critical global issues and international perspectives. They develop skills in communication, problem-solving and leadership while learning to cooperatively discuss and resolve broad issues.


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