Expert’s Take: RAJESH HAMAL – Indepth Interview – Dream, Struggle, Life, Love and more

Rajesh Hamal-Nepali Superstar, Experts take

Rajesh Hamal is a renowned Nepalese Actor. His unique personality attribute and style makes him stand out of the crowd in Nepalese Movie Industry. He is not only admired as an Actor but as a great personality of Nepal.

As “EXPERT’s TAKE”, We have interviewed him and talked him about his life, perspectives, marriage and many more.


“How terrible a life might seem, things always get better with time so keep chasing your dreams.”
“To be healthy focus on what you shouldn’t do rather than what you should.”
“Never be late to do things that makes you happy because when you are old you find out all of sudden that your youth is gone.”
“People have to adapt themselves with time.”
“You have only once chance to live. Actually, Once you have life you have to make it worthwhile and make life work for you.”
“If a state fails to create a platform for youth, The youth will seek an alternative place to utilize their energy.”
“Life doesn’t run in idealism only but relies more on practical aspects.”
“Life is a challenge, it needs tremendous energy to tackle with it. To fight with those challenges is the ultimate purpose of life.”

Watch Rajesh Hamal’s one minute motivational message

One liner with Rajesh Hamal

LIFE: It is to be lived well and wisely.
LOVE: If u believe it exists it does but if you don’t believe then it doesn’t.
HAPPINESS: Happiness can’t be achieved permanently.
MONEY: Money is necessity.
FIRST CRUSH: When I was 14.
FAVORITE ACTOR/ACTRESS: I don’t have any favorite actor or actress because I get inspired by many peoples and I believe if you favor u become partial.
LEADER: Leader is the one who leads people to a certain destination, through his leadership he changes the life of others.
ACTOR: He is the one to portray the emotions.
BEFORE I DIE: I definitely want to direct a film and make some difference in the society so that people remember me as good human being.

1. Who is Rajesh Hamal for you?

Your opinion of yourself is very important because that is how you will be. For me, Rajesh Hamal is a simple person like anybody else who tries to do things to the best of his ability. He is the one, who is trying to succeed in various aspects of life. He is concerned about the place he lives in and tries to connect with the society.

2. How do you see your life right now?

Right now after being in the profession of actor for 25 years, I have found myself in a cross role. Cross role in a sense that I have finished one phase and I am entering into another phase. Life is not one continuous process. After one phase gets completed, next starts.

Since, I am proceeding towards new phase of my life I am still looking for the new things to do.

3. What would you be if you were not an actor?

It’s difficult to answer what I would have been if I were not an actor after being in this field for almost 25 years. If you had asked me in the beginning of my career, I would have been able to answer that. Being in this field for many years, I cannot imagine my life to something else. Looking at my character, May be I would be doing something like interaction programs with public.

4. If you were 20 years younger right now, what would you be doing? And what advice do you like to give to youth who are 20 years younger than you?

I would do so many things. After coming to this stage of life, every moment is very important. I would have been continuing my own field but in more effective manner. When you are at young age you think that I am never going to grow old. I used to have such illusion too but time does not stop. So, whatever you do, do on time.

Wish I was really 20 years younger right now!(witty smile)

The advice I would give to younger ones is how terrible a life might seem, things always get better with time so keep chasing your dream.

Although time seems endless, it flies soon. Through crappy time of our lives, we learn most about ourselves and receive some greatest rewards of life too.

Never be late to do things that makes you happy because when you are old you find out all of sudden that your youth is gone.

5. Is there any witty or memorable experience during your childhood/ young age that you would like to share?

I have some of the remarkable experiences of my childhood. (chuckles) I was preferred to be called as mom’s tail since I used to follow her everywhere. During my college days at Chandigarh, My friend challenged me to go to cinema hall on a swimming costume and I did that. (Big laughter) I recall, I was very stubborn but a harmless child.

6. Where do you see yourself in 10 years from now?

It is difficult to predict about future but according to my nature I want to grow and take new challenges overtime. In my opinion, there is no retirement to age and job. There is nothing such like tiredness and quitting until you are mentally and physically healthy.

In other jobs there can be retirement and pension after 20 and 30 years of working. But there is no retirement of age in film industry. I see myself as a hard working film person irrespective of the role or character I am holding at that time.

7. What is your ‘life mantra’?

My life mantra is “Life is too short, youth is even shorter, time is everything. It does not matter what you do, but how, where and at what circumstances you do it matters.”


1. You still look very young. What is the reason behind it? – Asked by MOHAN GHIMIRE

A man never looks younger than his age. If somebody looks older than their age then I believe they lack discipline in their life.

You should focus on what you shouldn’t eat or do rather than what should you do or eat. A body is as important as your mind. Healthy body has healthy mind.

I have maintained discipline in my life. I don’t take things that are unnecessary. I don’t smoke and I am not an alcoholic. I eat plain food and exercise everyday. I feel happy that even young people call me ‘Rajesh dai’ not ‘Rajesh Uncle’.(laughter)

2. What is the ultimate purpose of life? – Asked by DEBENDRA LIMBU

The ultimate purpose of life is to live. Value life in a sense that you should be grateful.

You have only one chance to live. You should make it worthwhile for yourselves and make life work for you.

You should have goals, dreams and should be able to sustain yourselves. You will have various goals and different challenges. Value your goals, plan accordingly, fight with challenges, value yourself.

Life is a challenge. It needs tremendous energy to tackle with it. To fight with those challenges is ultimate purpose of life.

3.How did you get the feeling that I should marry now? – Asked by KISHAN DHUNGANA

I always used to think Marriage is not for me and is not necessary. I used to have perspective that marriage is not a genuine relation, it is fake and superficial relation. I think there is no right or wrong perspectives for Love and marriage. It differs with individuals and time.

For me, Marriage is something that I didn’t plan. There is a saying that if some thing happens without a plan then it’s a destiny. Though I never wanted to get married, I eventually got married. May be there was some greater power or destiny which made me do so.

I have dated few people earlier but with Madhu (Rajesh Hamal’s wife) I got in the conclusion of getting married. She actually made be believe that she is the right person for me. I would call it a destiny.

4. What could be motivating factor for the youth to stay in the country in the present context? – Asked by KAMAL NEUPANE

Life doesn’t have idealism only. It has practical side too. A person devoted to his country only can’t fulfill realistic part of his life. Government should give the opportunity as well as motivational factors to youth and youth should be able to grab them.

Philosophies like “nasocha timilai deshle k diyo, socha timle k diyeu” won’t be relevant in current situation because young people have practical aspects to fulfill in their life too.

If a state fails to create a platform for youth, The youth will seek an alternative place to utilize their energy.

Nowadays, youths are heading towards the foreign countries in search of job and it is not a bad thing too. Yet, they should not forget where they are from. It is a both way thing.

5. Are you satisfied with the roles you are doing in the Nepalese Movie? Do you feel that it’s the time to have some changes in your role? – Asked by SUBHAS LAMICHHANE

YES, I am 100% satisfied with the roles I have been doing. I love most of my roles because it is one of the reason why Nepali people have kept me in their heart. I think when i roar ‘Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy’ (laughs) in my movies, that roar represents injustice frustration and different types of challenges faced by common Nepalese. That’s why they feel connected with my roles. I did characters which fit their life representing them.

But as an actor, I need to innovate myself. Thing changes, people changes and cinema changes too. It is obvious to feel that with time I need to have some changes in my roles too.

(Interview Article Writer: Rashmi Adhikari)

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