Interview with Pushpa Basnet : Y-Legend

Pushpa Basnet-CNN Hero, Youth legend

Pushpa Basnet: Y-Legend of the Month

A great motivation for thousands of people around the globe to make a difference in the society and change lives, today Pushpa Basnet is most widely known as CNN Hero 2012. And Youth Legend honors her as ‘Y-Legend of the Month.
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One liner with Pushpa Basnet

LIFE: Beautiful

LOVE: My mother

MONEY: Not everything

SOCIAL WORK: Everything

LEADER: Commitment

HAPPINESS: Everything

FAVORITE PLACE: Butterfly Home (once it’s completed)

POLITICS: Not my cup of tea

PEOPLE I ADMIRE THE MOST: Reeta Thapa, Prabal Gurung and Sahana Shrestha

1. Please do tell us how your life is like at present.

I am still going through a phase of struggle at present. I’m involved in the field where one cannot justify anyone and one can never label the level you have attained. So, I and my life at the moment would be best described by these two words: “Still struggling”. But, if I turned and look back at me and my life ten years ago, I have to say that most things have changed and I am really happy about them.

2. How do you maintain “the positive attitude and the everlasting urge to serve” in you?

The spirit comes from within my heart. My heart is like a vessel full of optimistic thoughts, love and care. And so my heart orders my hands to serve people and my hands never refuse. Also, I am very passionate about my work. I love what I have been doing all these years and have been working with no regrets at all. I believe the facts that push me forward all the time and I never feel like stopping or taking rest.

3. In ten years from now, leaving your formal office life behind, where do you see yourself?

In ten years, I will be ten years older than I am today. (Chuckles) Apart from that well, I am doing my Masters now, so I’ll probably be working on my PhD. And about my personal life, I’ll have the same working strategies. I will be totally devoted to the service as I am right now. The only thing that’s going to change significantly is that, today I’m a “Maamu” but ten years later I’ll be a granny to the babies of my grown up daughters.

4. What are your future plans, being specific about your profession?

First of all, I have a major goal to complete; the construction of the Butterfly Home, so that once we have our own home, we can bring in more children and amend the present facilities and make ECDC (Early Childhood Development Center) a better place. Secondly, in future days I want to see my kids to be in my post. I want them to be independent and in fact I actually want them to go to higher levels than where I stand.

5. What advice do you give to the younger generation?

For today’s youth, there is nothing much to say. There are subjects related to social works; there are guides; and there is technology which is an easy means to wisdom. But, I do want to tell the parents something. Exposure is a must for the kids of today. Let them live a day in the reality. This ultimately teaches the youths to respect the things they possess; things that many others might be striving for. Reality for sure will teach them to respect time, fellow friends and every little thing that has made their lives beautiful.

6. What is your source of inspiration?

Talking about my inspiration sources, ten years back it was “Sano Kanchi” and for the last two years CNN Hero award has played a significant role. After winning the CNN Hero title, life taught me that managing works along with maintaining standards always paves road to success. It’s the hardest thing to be done but it’s not impossible.

After winning the title, the way people look up to you are so different that it encourages as well as challenges you to keep up the standard of your work and of your spirit. Even the slightest mistake is noticeable and it can bring all your years-long hard work back to dust.


1. Suresh Mukhiya asked, “What challenges did you face during initial phase of your journey?”

You have to be aware about what is happening around you. You have to do every little work for the children in every legal way and this is the hardest task. And in addition to it, it’s economically challenging. Sacrifices, compromises have been made at every possible moment ever since I started this work. But I believed in myself and thus I have made my dreams come true today.

Yesterday, it was difficult for me to pay my rent, but not today. Yesterday, I could not even dream of “Butterfly Home” but today I’m counting days to shift into it. Social work is all about challenges, you need to focus, work hard and believe in your steps. Your dreams should have no limits.

2. Sambid Bilas Pant asked, “What was the impact of the CNN Hero title in your life?”

After winning the title I got opportunities to share my work with thousands of people; not just my stories of success but also failures, my stepping stones and many shattered expectations. I got chances to make people laugh by telling my silly doings but at the same time I also succeeded in making people believe that hard work pays in the end no matter how hard the journey is. Most importantly, I got to inspire people, to trust themselves and respect their decisions.

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