Interview with Paras Khadka – Life, Love, Motivation and Cricket

Paras Khadka-Captain, Nepalese Cricketer, Nepalese Youth Legend

Paras Khadka: Y-Legend of the Month


“I never wanted to be a cricketer. I never planned to become sportsperson.”
“If you are good at study nobody will tell you to stop playing.”
“If I can play better then only I can instruct my players to follow my lead.”
“I think I am in good environment that’s why my thinking process is clean and honest.”
“The only place I don’t get angry would be cricket field.”
“I am not over expressive. I believe your work should speak.”
“If I feel, that’s the right way to do things then I try and learn.”
“Everybody should dream big.”

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1. What changes have you felt in your life following the World Cup?

More than in my life, I have seen huge changes in the cricket scenario of Nepal. Before people hardly knew about cricket and the team but now-a-days, people everywhere wave at us when they see us.

I think everybody is glad that Nepal was a part of the cricket World Cup. We can see changes in the attitude of the people about Cricketers and sportsmen. I think people have realized Sports also can play significant role in the country. Because one sport united an entire nation, what more you can ask for?

But of course, there is still a lot to be done in this field in the country. I still need to make lots of contribution. Because of cricket “hami chininchau, ma chininchu “. Let’s hope I can continue and do my best to promote cricket in every way I can.

2. You often say that “You are born to play cricket”, How did you realize or discover your true passion?

I never wanted to be a cricketer. In fact being a sportsperson was never in my career option. I used to play all kinds of sports when I was a kid and i pretty much played football, basketball, table tennis, athletics through my school and college. But as I started playing cricket starting from under 15, then under 17 and under 19 followed by the senior team, I felt that it was something I was always meant to do.

3. During your early days, how difficult it was for you to convince your parents that you wanted to become a cricketer?

I was very good at studies so convincing my parents was not an issue. They never asked me to stop playing. I feel blessed in a way that they always supported me to make my choices. The only thing they have said is that I need to complete my studies as well, which I did. I completed my Bachelors. But right now so many things are happening that I don’t have time for everything.

4. What would be your suggestion for those young people trying to convince their parents to continue pursuing what their heart desire?

In case of Nepal, the biggest drawback for young generation is that
khelne vanepachi tiniharu khelne matrai garcha “.

It’s all about managing one’s time. And it’s not that hard either. If you are good in your studies, no one will ask you to stop playing. It’s a fact.

5. You are leading the Nepali cricket team in an amazing way. What do you think are the essential qualities for being a great leader?

When I was asked what I wanted to do as a captain, I had said that I would like to lead by example. If I can play better, then only I can instruct my players to follow my lead. Beside that, you also have bigger responsibility, you have to guide, you have to fight for certain things. You have to stay disciplined.
The biggest quality of leader is you have to act like a leader and you have to lead by example. Once you lead by example you will be followed.

6. What’s the secret behind your amazing personality?

I don’t know. I am so used to giving interviews that it comes naturally. They ask questions and I give answers. I think my overall education has influenced me too. I learned a lot in school. We were brought up in much disciplined environment in school. Over the years I tried to learn things like how can one become successful; one can become the best doctor, singer, pilot, etc.

And I think first of all one needs to be a good human being. After you become a good person, many people will like you; people will follow you, listen to you. In every successful person there should be a luck factor but luck will come to you through your hard work. There is good time, there is bad time, but it’s all about how you handle pressure, handle yourself, handle success, handle failure.

I think I am blessed that I am surrounded by right people, whether it is friends or family. They have been really sincere and genuine. I think I am in good environment that’s why my thinking process is clean and honest, and hence my personality.

7. You look like a person with lots of patience and calmness. Do you ever get angry?

Of course I do. The only place I don’t get angry would be cricket field.
Gharma sabai janale vanirako huncha j kurama ni risako huncha ghar bahek bahira vane risaudina “(chuckles).

8. How did you develop this habit in you?

I developed and learned this over the years. If I feel that a certain way’s the right way to do things then I try it out and learn. Not only in cricket, but also while walking, sitting, eating and all. So many people have so many qualities. If you can follow those things, that’s how you move forward.

9. Like majority of young people, did you ever think of going abroad?

When I was young I did feel like going abroad. But fortunately or unfortunately you can’t stop anyone from going abroad. I think it’s good. But once you go abroad make sure you come back. It’s an opportunity and a personal choice. There is bigger horizon abroad and one gets to learn so many things. I don’t say going abroad is wrong. It’s okay but if you study there, come back and apply those learning here then I think that’s the best way to move forward. A simple example: ” Americama huda pura lane ma chalaune gadi yaha aayera manpari chalaune haina. “.

10. What problems do you see for young people of your generation?

There is no enough opportunity for young people to grow. Every year we have so many graduates in different fields. Where is employment for all the graduates? We have such a small market.

Currently, the overall percentage of Younger generation is around 60% and since we have such a small market, there is a lack of opportunities due to which people are going abroad.

Talking about cricket, I think we have opened different dimension.” Nepal ma pani cricket khelera world cup pani khelna sakido raicha vanera “. We need to find right people to move it forward in cricket. I am sure people will invest. Just think Without investment we have come to this level, if there will be investment then!!! And yes It will be helpful for country’s economic development too. What if we have two big cricket stadiums? We can always host. May be we can have international tournament in Nepal whether Nepal plays or not. May be between India and Pakistan! Many people will come. It will help for economic growth of the country too. The culture and environment in terms of cricketing aspect is great here. Cricket has given opportunity that we can dream big. I always say you should dream big whatever field you are.

You should think big at least you will end up somewhere. You should have honesty and continuous devotion, Success will not come over night. It will take time. For some it might take whole life. But at the end, it is about being satisfied and being passionate of what you are doing.

11. What were the challenges you faced while following your dreams? How did you overcome them?

There were and still are a lots of challenges!!! We just kept on pushing ourselves forward. Two years ago, if I asked you if you thought Nepal would ever play a world cup. The answer might have been “No”. But we managed to do that. We’ve reached the World Cup. It’s about dreaming and pushing the limitations.

12. You are the heartthrob of millions and especially you have lots of ladies fan following. So, when is Paras Khadka getting married?

I don’t know. I am engaged already. It’s been almost a year and half. I am happy right now. I am still thinking about it. I still have time.

13. What is love for you?

Love is a very important part of our life. You should be able to accept love and give love. You can’t accept love unless you give love to someone and realize the value of love or whole thing called love itself.

14. Who was your celebrity crush while growing up?

While growing up, of course, I had some crushes. There were many movie actresses and beautiful looking women, but I can’t pick one in particular.

15. What message do you want to give to young people of Nepal?

Be responsible. As a youth, We need to be responsible. And also, if you wish to bring a change, you can create better environment even for yourself. Everybody should dream big. Keep on dreaming and pushing yourselves to every limitations. Dreams are possible. We have turned dreams into reality by going into a world cup. I am sure it will help other people in all different fields of lives within our country. Dream Big. Go for it. Somewhere down the line there will be success stories for sure.

NOTE: The sentences in italics are Nepali words.

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