Interview with Month’s Hero Saunak Bhatta

Saunak Bhatta: The Motivational Man, Nepalese Youth, Months Hero

In early stages of youth-hood, Saunak stands for contributing to the society. He is the Motivational Man, change maker, leader and Month’s HERO of youth legend – SAUNAK BHATTA.

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Introduction of Saunak Bhatta

Firstly, a first-bencher, A guy well known in the school as the innocent, shy guy. Similar shyness and quiet personality tag dragged with him for a long run, mostly because of the impression of him on others from the early stages of his life.

Things changed when he got brutally punished at school in Dhangadi, he got severe migraine, turned out to be school phobic and finally left Dhangadi and came to Kathmandu for schooling.

At first, he thought life was going to be normal again, bully-less again but getting physical punishments which affected him mentally more, for the second time, made things for Saunak much harder and the consecutively saddening SLC results took him nearer to depression.

Suddenly, a ray came into the darkness, be it called a ray for good or for bad. But this time of life let him realize what he stands for and what he actually wants.Bridge coursing for colleges, as always, is the most happiest times in life. With the flow of time, he had become a fun-loving guy now, a loud-master and a jolly guy who was loved by everyone for his cheerful nature.

Not in good at study, he was not appreciated by his teachers in high school but by that time he started volunteering and joined various organizations where he was actually appreciated and loved.

Yes, this was a revolution, what he himself calls.

Gradually at college he was a humorous guy, troublesome at times but he calls it living life to the fullest.

Each day he started doing things that made him happy.

He realized the motive of life was to do something what interested his heart and wont let you regret in future.

As he had been emotionally beaten in life, down helpless on knees for many times, he wanted to save others from going through similar pain. So, contributing for better lives of the people became his interest. So, he stepped into this world of inspiring, motivating and helping people and here he stands today.

Rapid fire one-liner

1. LIFE: (long pause) a mission and connection of dots
2. LOVE: (blasts out loud) positive energy
3. MONEY: key way of getting resources
4. YOUTH: having passion, energy level and revolutionary attitude
5. POLITICS: from where you make policies
6. LEADER: someone who is selfless about his/her responsibility
7. FAVORITE PLACE: Peaceful riversides
9. HAPPINESS: Major part of life and positive energy
10. BEFORE I DIE: of course i want to live my dreams 🙂

Questions-Answers with Saunak

1. Who is Saunak Bhatta?

ummm…Its the hardest thing to answer.hmm, who am I ? what I say now is not my conclusion because this is the most puzzling question, (sighs) Who am I? It is a journey of discovering the answer. I like to tell myself as explorer coz I really love exploring things, exploring people, myself. All I want to do is the thing that is actually undone. Rather than who am I, What I really believe is, there are three things in our lives which are really important: Growth, Contribution and significance. I want to grow till I die, I want to contribute till I die and I want to be significant in this world.

2. How did it all get started?

One person whom am always grateful to is Mukesh Dangi. He has been like a god father to me. Because of him, I came to this sector. I started to get involved in so many organizations and explore my potentials. I was able to know people of my taste, who had similar spirit and the same fun-working personalities who would support my crazy ideas. I wanted to have my own Microsoft. And We Inspire Nepal is my Microsoft.

The thoughts that pushed me to start all this would be:

  • I wanted to contribute in every sectors. For that, I thought of creating leaders who can contribute in every sectors.
  • Another is when internally things are strong then externally things become so amazing. One issue that world has not touched yet is psychology, making our internal world capable. One attitude we have is, touch the area which is untouched because we want to be unique and significant in the world.
  • The third reason is necessity. We need to make people strong from within. Making people strong, giving then strategies to make them strong so that they can live their dreams and suicides, depression rate could be reduced. 🙂

  • 3. How do you maintain the positive attitude in you?

    I am not the person with too much positive thinking. There are three thinking types, one is positive, another is negative and other is optimistic. I am optimistic thinker. Sometimes I am so furious and negative. For example: I am negative about education system. But I am optimistic that it can be changed. Positive thinking is actually exaggerated in this world. They say keep smiling blah blah. I don’t smile much. I don’t want to fake to the world. I don’t always laugh. I advocate optimism not positive thinking. I get angry furious but I want to convert that energy into optimism.
    And how I do that? Well, there comes a chapter of self motivation. I use several techniques for self motivation.

    1. My dreams

    Whenever I am really down, I look towards my dreams and they really inspire me. Then, I feel that I need to achieve all those dreams.

    2. Programming subconscious mind through ‘baalai vayena’ (Give Damn)

    Saying ‘baalai vayena’ so many times that it becomes your reality. Many people in We Inspire Nepal use it too. If it is used in right way it will be really helpful in many circumstances of life.

    3. Nurturing mind

    It is more about nurturing your mind. When we continuously narrate something positive like ‘I am the champion’, this will nurture our subconscious mind. I don’t read newspaper, watch TV, watch world cup and people find it bull shit sometime. But, this is how I maintain my optimistic mindset. Also, I am nurturing my mind by watching motivational videos every day, I read books that interest me, read new motivating quotes, write complimentary letters to my old friends, while walking alone I talk aloud with myself, I write my dreams, goals in the paper and stick it in my room. More than one time event, this is all about how you have programmed your mind in an optimistic way.

    4. Create such kind of belief/thinking that could be helpful in your life

    They say world is selfish, so you have to be selfish too. What belief I create is “More enemies you have, more amazing you are”. So if I get any enemy then I automatically become happy. Another strategy we use in We Inspire Nepal is when there is a big problem , we say “there is a good news”.
    Therefore, it is more about programming your mind in such kind of layers. That’s what I do.

    4. How generation gap is one of the major challenges for youth?

    Definitely. Generation gap exist a lot. They say “aago tapnu mudako, kura sunnu budako”(Listen to Old people). It is very hard to convince old people. What i think is firstly, we have to try to convince them. If they don’t get convinced then we need to keep moving forward and prove them eventually. If We could prove them that we youth are actually able to make greater impacts then their thought could change slowly.

    5. Where do you see yourself in ten years from now?

    This year, I want to do lots of thing. We have lots of amazing plans for whole one year. After that, I want to go for hibernation. I want to learn more, articulate theories, widen my horizon, probably in the form of Master degree. After two years, I will come back again. I would like to be in International Motivational sector and represent Nepal. Imagine, a guy from developing nation will be giving a motivational speeches to the people of developed nation. I will write books and share my philosophies to the world. I keep asking myself the meaning of existence and life and when I will get the answer, I want to contribute in the sector of education sharing my knowledge and insights.
    I would like to live like an example. You cant change everything in this life but I want people after me to make them believe that change is possible. I also believe in next birth. I see myself as a learned motivational man contributing mostly in the sector of education, advocating in larger mass and innovating motivational products for the world in the next ten years. (hopeful smiles 🙂 )

    Life Mantra of Saunak

    3P’s, PASSION PROFESSION and PURPOSE. The thing we are passionate about should be our profession and purpose of our life too. And then life will be “jingalala”.


    SAUNAK’s tips for CONFIDENCE

    More you are competent more you are confident. For example; if you are in very good attire while going in a party you are confident. You should work on your competency first.

    Next comes from within. For that, It’s continuous practice, attitude of ‘baalai vayena’, anger transformation to confidence and programming your sub conscious mind for not being nervous. Some people are just confident because their sub conscious mind have been nurtured in that way.


    People ask me about controlling anger. I would rather say “Get Angry”. Get angry not with the person but with the room, with the mirror or something else. Jot down all your anger into a paper and throw that paper after wards.

    When I am angry, I say to myself “This is not Saunak, this is my anger. After 30 mins, I will regret what I do.” That’s what we should be conscious about when we are angry.

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