If you were the Prime Minister of Nepal – Nepali Youth Opinion at Reliance International Academy

The popular reflex of youths when asked “Why is the country degrading?” is “Politics”.

Nepal has undergone myriads of substantial political changes. Some of these changes have supported country’s development whereas rest has driven country further backward in time. Leaders’ craving for power and money corroborate the statement, “Politics is a good game played by bad people”.

The instability of Nepal’s politics is elucidated by the number of prime ministers after Nepal became federal democratic Nation in 2008: 9 PMs in 8 years! With this humongous number of PMS, came plethora of ideas yet even with plethora of ideas seldom came a little hope in people.

Be it “50 lakhs charity for Sujata Koirala” or “false hope for Dr. Govinda KC’s fast”, government has received severe criticisms for its lack of accountability, transparency and competence.

Meanwhile, “YOUTH OPINION team” brainstormed over these political turmoil and came up with an innovative idea of bringing up what youth has to say over these similar issue.

Youth Opinion team of YL Nepal held a talk program with four tenth grade students of Reliance International Academy.

The topic was “If I were the Prime Minister of Nepal…..”.

Following are the questions asked to the students.

1. What are the important qualities that a Prime Minister should have?
2. If you were the Prime Minister of Nepal, what issue will you address first?
3. Millions of Nepalese youth are abroad for employment. If you were the PM, what will you do to bring them back to Nepal?
4. What suggestions would you like to give to the political leaders.

Samikchhya Raut:

Prime Minister should be selfless, comprehensive and unequivocal. We lag behind the world in terms of techonological sophistication. So, in my premiership, I will address the issues of Information Technology first and foremost. To bring back youths who are working abroad, I will create opportunities according to their interest. My message to every leader is

“think beyond your self-interest and work for better future of Nepal.”

Salma Moktan

Prime Minister without leadership, result-oriented planning and mediator personality is not a prime minister at all. If I were the PM of Nepal,

my paramount agenda would be to look for common ground to reach consensus among political parties.

Many youths fly Middle East countries to work in scorching sun leaving away the cool breeze of their country. To get them back to motherland, I would use media to cultivate feeling of nationality in them. At present context where politicians give false promises and never work to make them true, I would request them to show, not just speak, what they are capable of, for action speaks louder than the words. And also I would request them to respect each other’s opinions.

Pragesh Pandey

PM should be talented, thoughtful and unbiased. And, particularly for Nepal, he should be a youth. Though we advocate for “Non-aligned foreign policy”, we see clear inclination of our political leaders towards a particular country. This makes our country isolated from rest of the world. To rectify this, I, as a prime minister, will review and make necessary changes to the foreign policy of Nepal. Today, youths are in vicious circle: lack of development obliges them to go abroad and when only few youths remain in country, development is unimaginable. So, to break this vicious cycle, I would devise a monumental strategy. My suggestion for every politician and every citizen of Nepal is

“One doesn’t need to be in politics to do good. If any one of us work hard for our country we can be the prime person of the country. And it goes without saying; prime person is more powerful than prime minister.”


Surakchhya Mainali

From my perspective, an ideal PM should be confident and competent. We Nepalese faced hardship due to economic blockade some months earlier, the cause of which was the failure of constitution to address mandate of all people so, my primary focus will be on amendment of constitution during the earlier days of my premiership. Everyone desires for better job and better life. If I could assure opportunities to initiate self-entrepreneurship for foreign employed youths, then they would certainly come back. If I am to suggest one and only thing to political leaders, it will be

“Give less importance to power, more importance to development works”.


Miroj Rai

If I were the prime minister of Nepal, my principal focus would be to upgrade education system. Course books based learning is very outdated; what we need is a system of education that ensures overall development of students including physical, mental and societal development.


Given a chance that I were the PM of Nepal , I would develop education sector because all other sectors are related to and depends on education.


Binod Guragain
With the frequent change of government, the projects formulated to give pace to development come to sudden halt. The development works become intermittent, starting when one party is in power and ending when it gets powerless. Though we will have multitude of “agendas” in paper , we won’t have any completed works in action. If I were the Prime Minister of Nepal, I would formulate legislation that obligate the incoming party in government to complete the tasks initiated by the former cabinet. This would materialize the concept of long term planning.


Symentha Upreti
Lost in the labyrinth of ambitious planning, policy makers have overlooked the pollution in the country. If I were the Prime Minister, I would revise legislations that aim at controlling pollution. With that being said, pollution control will be my primary focus along with good governance.


Though second richest in water resources, we are unable to generate enough electricity that lights our homes. Yet, we dream of lighting whole Asia solely with our water. To make this dream come true, I will focus primarily on developing hydropower plants on perspective areas.


We are extremely rich in minerals. Lack of sufficient modern technologies and manpower are main reasons behind those being unexplored. If I, as PM, could work out ways to exploit those minerals, we could have bright future ahead.

About The Writers



Sanjog Karki wants to visit unexplored areas of Nepal and make documentaries about the lifestyle of people in that region. He wants to climb Mt. Everest once in his life. He believes in hard work not luck. He is anti-procrastinator. He has ability to easily win trust of other people. He aspires to become an Astronaut. His ultimate goal is not to die on Earth.


Sandeep Sharma

Sandeep Sharma is a traveler. He loves to explore cultures and traditions of people living in different parts of the world. He loves two things most- History and Astronomy. He can change his dreams into thoughts and thoughts into actions. He aspires to become an astronaut. His ultimate goal is to launch a rocket from Nepal.

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