“I want to be free from this cage but can’t.”, Kritik Rawal, Runner Up, Wordism Ashoj

Kritik Rawal Dashain

Writer: Kritik Rawal

I look at the field I can see the paddy has bought its new coat of gold and is dancing in the air giving me the message of happiness. The kites in the sky are calling me to fly with them and the beautiful tune of ‘malashree dhun’ has made me in such a dilemma weather if I am in earth or heaven.

Yes, right now we are breathing in the most beautiful season and enjoying the best festival for whom we waited for almost one long year. Finally we are able to feel the sweetness of that beautiful word which makes everyone of us shout with glee. DASHAIN. This is that festival whose true meaning of happiness cannot be explained by anything in this whole world, weather it is the Oxford dictionary or else the everyone’s trusted Google.

All of us are enjoying this beautiful moment, no matter which religion do we follow which god we trust.

This season is so beautiful and in this beauty dashain has added even more colour of happiness, joy, peace and pleasure. Giving up the daily prolix routine we all are mixed up in the colours.

My village, my home, my heaven always calls me to play in its lap. But I am always locked inside the city cage.

I want to be free from this cage but can’t.

But when dashain arrives I get the powers to escape from this cage and go to my heaven. I fly like a free bird in the sky filled up of fun and happiness.

Meeting all the loved ones and enjoying with all of them is the most happiest thing of this festival. Being with them is so much fun they don’t let me know when the night passed. The more relatives the more fun, blessing and also the most loved thing without whom our dashain does not get sufficient. That is not other than the ‘dakshina’.

To my ally or foe, whoever it may. In this happy moment I just want to say a very happy dashain to everyone. May there be happiness in everyone’s home. May goddess Durga help you in every step of your life.


Question and Answer with Kritik

1. Tell us more about you.

I am Kritik Malla Rawal from Chandragiri Kathmandu. A 17 years old student of science studying in grade 12. Deeply interested in politics, writings and football(a true Barcelonist).

2. What was your thought when you apply to Wordism competition?

Before I applied I was sure that my name would come in the list of runner up but not sure about being winner. So it went as I expected, I am a runner up.

3. What are your dreams and aspiration?

Talking about dreams there are many in my life which can’t be explained in short. As this is a writing contest so I want to share about my writing. I am working on my first novel targeted to publish in 2018.

4. Anything you want to say who is reading this!

To all the readers I just want to say, always expect high in life and never give up. Today I am the runner up next month I might be the winner😁. Always be connected to YL Nepal; the best organization in the whole nation which gives you so much of opportunity to express your hidden talent.

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