“I suffer a breakup everyday.” – Shibika Thapa, Runner up, Wordism Bhadra

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Writer: Shibika Thapa

“You know what, Charls?, today I was selected for the National sports club and i ran to tell you first. He called out my name as “captain of the club – Miss Rabina”.” I felt so excited and honored at that moment because i was so close to my dream.

Do you remember? When i told you i wanted to become a famous sport person someday, I’am not so far to achieve it Charls, not so far. I wish you could talk to me (I cried).

You broke all the promises, the promise to be there in every ups and downs in my life, promise to support me throughout this journey and promise to keep all of the promises. ( I put his favorite white rose on his grave and left)

Its hard when you know the only person he loved was you and the only person he wanted to be with was you but he couldn’t make it.

People think the most painful moment is when you fail to get the love back from a person whom you loved the most but its more painful and unbearable when both loved each-other immensely but destiny didn’t wanted them to be together. Every night i remember all the awesome moment we spent and cherish them but suffer a heartbreak when i realized he is gone for ever and he is never coming back.

Its been 6 days now since he’s gone and its been 6 nights that i haven’t slept properly, but now i thought why not write something dedicated to the love of my life who left this world and also left me in pain.

“I don’t wet myself in the rain because it is my favorite thing to do but because i feel you in every droplet.
When the raindrops fall on my face i see you kissing me gently and running away. This rain makes you alive again. The thunder seems like you saying “I love you aloud”.
The lightening seems like we posing for a photograph .
The rain reminds me of you in every way.
I see you going away when the sky slowly clears but i know you are there in the sun rays too.
I know you can never come back but i also know you are the brightest star above watching me every time.
Honey, i love you i always will and in my heart you shall always be.”

Love is the most beautiful feeling but sometimes it can shatter your life. In my case i suffer a breakup everyday because i know he is never coming back. Sometimes it makes me strong too, makes me more focused on my aim but sometimes his memories don’t let me live.

I have my parents, my family all their love and I am not going to take any stupid decisions but only I know that my heart suffers a hurricane every-night and leaves back all the pain fresh.

And today writing all this down gave me some strength because it was all inside from quite a long time and letting it out is a big relief now.


Question and Answer with Shibika

1. Tell us more about you.

I’m a creative thinker, I imagine things really quickly and usually turn them into a piece of writing. Moreover, I’m a people’s person too. I’m always eager to meet new people and generally catch up with them quickly.

2. What was your thought when you apply to Wordism competition?

I was looking for a platform that will not only enhance my writing skills but make writing fun and worth and “WORDISM” provides all the opportunities for it.

3. What are your dreams and aspiration?

I have always dreamt of being a anthropologist. Connect with people, motivate them and help them by boosting up their confidence level. And taking part in stage shows, anchoring, debates, I’m carving my way to be one. I also want to sum up all my imagination, thoughts into a book and capture them once in for all.

4. Anything you want to say who is reading this!

I hope you enjoy my writing and if you’re looking for more, click here to check out my writings.

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