I feel so cold and slayed – Astha Dawadi, Runner Up, Wordism, Kartik

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Writer: Astha Dawadi

Winter is about to knock me in,
my bed is forcing me to stay.
To cease everything and lay,
reminiscing the past moments.
Oh, i cant make it.
The thought of smell from my garden,
It breaks me.
The blow of wind, it hits me.
I can’t recall it anymore.
The distance from my home,
It kills me.
It kills me more during these festive,
the festive of lights, the festive of prayers,
The festive of kites, the festive of pleasures.

Gush of excitement runs into my head as i imagine.
Long wait for holidays, planting makhmalis.
Flowers blooming all around and the winds carry its feel.
Passing the melody of its coming.

The days of crows at first,
How eagerly it would come on my rooftop,
Mom would shower it with varieties of food,
And with all its mate, delighted, it would finish it up.
The day of lil puppies the next , how early i would wake up.
Cutely wrap it with flowers, tikas all over.

Day of a holy cow, incarnation of goddess laxmi, the next
I would decorate it with all the colours, beautiful yellows and the reds.
worshiping with keen devotion would wash out all my worries.

Oh, how i miss the festive, the festive of warmth.
Diyos lightened our heart, as much as our home.
Laxmi puja, the grand day of all,
I would brighten everywhere around,
each and every corners.

Bringing her into our living,
peace and prosperity follows.

How bad i miss the moment,
the moment when the entire city is illuminated.
Patakas and rockets, they covered the sky.
These would enlighten my soul, filled with joy.
Like an already launched rocket,
I feel so cold and slayed,
happiness as if left out, as i moved away.

Missing all the togetherness, the entire celebrations,
willing my prayers to reach out, everybody to be sound and safe.
The fact disheartens me, having to imagine a festive to celebrate.
Yet, with all the wishes coming, i feel so blessed.
The lovely day of bhaitika, it leaves no chance to surprise me.
The gift on my door bounds me to think, how much he misses me.

Trial of celebrating the festive as best as i can do,
with all my imaginations,
with all my heart thats intending.
With a hope thats luring,
I am still trying to make it out.

But, the worst still lies in here,
within the dark houses around,
Within the gardens without makhmalis.
Within the winds that never bring the senses to me.
And within the people,
who do not feel like belonging to me.

Astha Dad receiving certificate on behalf of Astha Dawadi


Question and Answer with Astha

1. Tell us more about you.

I am Astha Dawadi from kathmandu. Currently, i am doing MBBS in Dhaka. Talking about me, i am intrested in writing which i have been doing since long but i am still in process of learning it. I have included some of them here at aashiey.blogspot.com.
Besides, i am very enthusiastic and fond of music and travelling.

2. What was your thought when you apply to Wordism competition?

I got to know about this wordism competition conducted by YlNepal through one of my friend and i am happy to have known about this because this is such a great platform to every kinds of writers and more specifically to those who are amateur and trying to flourish themselves in this field. I was sure that even if i don’t win, this will boost me somehow and keeps up my practice. So, i gave a try and it was worth it. I am really glad. 🙂

3. What are your dreams and aspiration?

My dream is to be successful, make my life worth living and bring out the best of all that i can.
And most importantly, i want to explore, travel the world. I believe in dreaming the biggest because even if you fail, you will end up getting big.

4. Anything you want to say who is reading this!

You are never late and never enough of knowing your inner self so, always keep on discovering.

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