How to identify and get rid of Toxic people

Let’s talk about toxic people.

The dictionary defines ‘toxic’ as poisonous. It is defined as harmful, destructive, unfriendly and unsafe. Add ‘people’ to these above words and there you have it- toxic people. We all have toxic people in our lives, maybe we know of them and can’t do anything about it or maybe we are unaware of who they really are and what they do.

So how do you identify a toxic person?

Signs are pretty simple. They are negative, time-wasting self-centered people who will do everything in their power to drag you down. These are the type of people who make your life seem a bit harder than it should be. It isn’t necessary for everyone in your life to like you or be fond of you. And that’s okay. But however, the toxic people cannot stay out of your lives. They just have to be there and try to control your life. Even your parents or your best friend can be toxic. We may not know ourselves but even we might be toxic people in someone else’s life. To be toxic is to live life with the lowest morals and ideals.

They do not have to be a stranger, sometimes a toxic person comes in the form of a loved one which is literally the worst kind. These types of people can destroy your life. It doesn’t matter how happy you are if you are surrounded with toxic people you are never going to reach your full potential. The negativity is eventually going to rub off on you and crumble your habits.

Are toxic people similar as enemies?

These are two different things. Toxic people are going to take the extra step of being your friend, being supportive of you. Enemies don’t do that. They straight up chose to ignore or not care about you in the first place. Toxic people, however, make sure they have to a part of you and your life.

So how do you get rid of toxic people?

It’s very simple. You eliminate them from your life. It might not be easy but think about it -our lives are built up by the work you do and the people you surround yourself with. If you are going to surround yourself with like-minded people who are positive, who inspire you as well as challenge you- that is when you are going to progress in life and actually learn something. If you chose to be with negative people who blame it on luck instead of focusing on hard work you are never going to ace in life. Social relationships are important but there is no need to be surrounding yourself with negative people.
It doesn’t matter who this toxic person is. It can be a parent, a friend and siblings even. If that person violates the rules and regulations you have to live your life and the things that you do and make you feel miserable just cut them out. Believe me, you will see your life change in a span of weeks.


Writer: Neha Ojha
Neha is a literature enthusiast who spends most of her time in between reading fictions and writing. Lover of simple pleasure you’ll often find her traveling places, taking pictures and tasting new cuisines.

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