How happiness can flourish in a country like Nepal? by Subash Sapkota, Wordism Runner-up

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When good works are appreciated as good and bad works are criticized as bad irrespective of the political party he belongs to, when a person who has enough knowledge on sports turns out to be sports minister, when head of the nation inspires the new generation rather than delivering same old rhetoric speech, when people discuss about ideas and events rather than about people, when all profession gets equal respect happiness will automatically fall upon us.

I don’t understand why aren’t we sensible enough? recently government of Nepal declared that person throwing waste materials in and out of public vehicle will be punished according to law and this was said to be implemented from first of Poush. Although government has been late in its implementation, we surely can be the change. What does it takes to simply put the waste in your pocket while you travel and then disposing it safely when you return back to your home? It may sound funny and may look impractical but it surely will help in bringing the change.

Set your children free. Don’t just impose your political beliefs and ideology into your innocent children’s brain. Ask them not to throw waste in and out of vehicle when you travel, ask them to read about subject matters before jumping into the conclusions. It has already been proved how proper parenting can help your children achieve greater in life.

Recently Barrack Obama in his farewell speech said that-

“we sit back and blame the leaders without examining our role in the election”.

Dragging this opinion back to our nation it certainly holds true. But for people to examine and analyze their role in the election they surely need to be educated and well aware about the current political situation. Hopefully in the days to come the literacy rate of the nation swings up high and people make optimum use of their power during election in selecting competent candidate.

Unless my friends who understand how sports can act as a bridge in uniting people and helping the country get recognized all over the world, replace current generation of leaders happiness among us looks virtual and almost not possible. Because just a player won’t help you win the trophies. You need enough of stadiums , staffs , infrastructures by your side. I am perplexed how sport has been neglected by the leaders.

Because when a single member in the family gets chronic disease it’s not just that single individual but the whole family who has to suffer so let the leader think on broader aspect . Let the system of health insurance prevail within no time .Let the country focus on preventive aspect of disease too.

So summing it up, for us to see the change, let’s be the change. Small contribution of single individual when summed up with contribution of others will certainly help in building better nation. Happiness will certainly flourish among us in the days to come but after how long is the question unanswered.


Question and Answer with Subash

1. Tell us more about you.

I am final year medical student at Institute Of Medicine. I love reading books and watching movies especially those based on real stories.

2. What was your thought when you apply to Wordism competition?

I just thought of giving a try because i had never applied before in any competition as a writer. Hopefully this achievement will serve as a springboard for further success.

3. What are your dreams and aspiration?

I want to be a good and competent doctor. In my spare time i would love to collect and read novels as much as possible.

4. Anything you want to say who is reading this!

You never know until you try. So, give a try before you quit.

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