Hike to Shivapuri: One where we are lost deep in Forest


With happy faces and backpacks, the expectation to hike through nature to religious site, people not so unknown. We hiked to Nagarjun National Park via Budhanilkantha on this Saturday, Jan 13. Our original plan was to hike to the Nagi Gompa which is located almost 2hrs hike into the National Park and do some team building activities. But with two shortcuts one right and another Wrong, we were lost in into deep forest.

I found out that we were lost after one hour some minutes hike uphill when our hike guide commented on we were on the wrong trail. At first, I thought she said so just for video.

I was confused, Angry and Afraid. I was one who was more crawling than walking. But at one point when there was way we had to make our own way and walk; I felt proud because we were walking through the part of the forest that hasn’t been seen by mankind for ages.

We held hands, trusted gut feeling and climbed some more then the most frightening thing that can ever happen to urban fellows happened, our mobile phone had no signal. Imagine what we went through no network in mobile, empty stomach, trees higher than buildings we live on and 14 youth with no way out.

Not only that I got my period in the middle of that. I would have given up if it was me from other situation but the bravery, friendship, teamwork, and positivity got us out. And the really funny thing is we hiked almost 5 min into the trail we originally planned to take because in physics distance doesn’t matter it’s always displacement but the motive of team building and team play was well executed without any activities and foreplay. We human being social animals know when to work in a team to survive. It’s just that all the so-called “social media” are making us inhuman, which made people to do team building activities and foreplay to behave human with human, which is quite comical.

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