“He will never know all the feelings I had” by Neera Gurung ( Runner up, Wordism Competition-Shrawan)

Neera Gurung, Runner Up of Wordism Competition for the Month of Shrawan

Writer: Neera Gurung

And it started to rain and I am having his feelings all over again
His memory always haunts me in every drop of rain.
The rain always reminds me of the moment we almost lived
But, I never believed my feelings of love for him.

Yes, every people around were true, I guess I ignored that time too.
I was always falling for him, seems like I never had a clue.
With every drop of rain, I see the times we shared
How could I not see myself, always craving for being cared!

Hey rain, you brought the feeling of regrets I never expressed
I was acting cool thought expressing was synonyms of desperate.
The tiny drops and shivering wind, made me have a deep thought
To come in a realization I took a time, quite a lot.

With a tea on my hands I am still watching the clouds shedding rain
If I could, I would like to restart our story and live once again.
I know, it was always you, I ever thought off
I know, it’s always you, I ever loved.

These droplets on my skin started to give me a Goosebumps
Whenever I tried to share, words were always stuck in the lump.
I don’t know what was blinded up in my eyes
Couldn’t make sense, it was only him, who can take me to cloud 9.

Then there he was, in the rain, trying to express how he felt
He already had me in his first word, but, at that time I refused to tell.
There I saw him for last time waving good bye in the rain
To restart the memory I guess I am a way too late.

I don’t know, it’s already been couple of years now
And I still manage to hide these feelings, somehow.
The rain is a good memory to have myself see
A man expressing his feelings, that man I always loved unknowingly.

The rain is a bad memory for me, to let myself fall apart
Simply, it’s a result of ignoring your own heart.
He will never know all the feelings I had
He is still close to me, my heart but he is miles apart.

He don’t have any idea I still think about you in every drops of rain
Hey rain, because of you, I have his memory all over again!
Sometimes I feel like sending the feelings and regrets
All over him, with the help of this rain!


Question and Answer with Neera

1. Tell us more about you.

I am Neera gurung, students of masters in public health and having a little interest in writings.

2. What was your thought when you apply to Wordism competition?

The idea and whole theme is such a nice concept. Definitely encourages the people around, to write! With a different theme every month!

3. What are your dreams and aspiration?

Coming from a public health background I would like to see myself working in development sector. Though, writing will always be there as it helps me to express myself better in the papers.

4. Anything you want to say who is reading this!

Stay focused and committed! Always believe in yourself.

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